You Know Your A Runner When…

Ever have one of those moments when you realise running is taking over?

You know you are a runner when you pack your bags for the weekend and forget to pack a change of clothing. As in t-shirt and pants for the day. Don’t worry, you’ve remembered to pack your winter running gear, two outfits for the gym in case you decide to stay inside. As you are running you make good decisions like the running sneakers you are wearing are going to remain “outdoor” runners since you now have salt caked on them from the roads.

Yup, I packed all my running gear as we left for the city yesterday morning after Lilly’s swim lessons. However, I forgot to pack clothing for today. The girls spent the afternoon with their Auntie Laura and I shopped! I shopped for more hours then I care to admit but feel like I’m ready for birthday celebrations later this week.


Birthday celebrations? We have two special birthdays this week; a 3rd and 40th to celebrate. So I had to find presents for these two special people.

This morning I managed to sneak out for a run while the girls spent some time with Grammy and Grandad.Β After I returned, I saw these branches on the ground and thought it was a sign. A for Anna (my real name) or “A” for Adventure which we will be attending a book launch called “A for Adventure” later today.

pipers run a for adventure

Though I sit here in my clothing from yesterday, I feel good knowing I at least packed extra clean underwear and got my morning run in. Who cares that I forgot to pack my every day clothing, right???

How’s your weekend ?

Ever pack your running gear and forget your real clothing?

Anyone celebrating December birthdays?

12 thoughts on “You Know Your A Runner When…

  1. Once I was packing my stuff to race and almost forgot underwear. I was going to be staying at my parents house and remembered to pack running outfits for any weather situation but almost forgot underwear… Luckily I remembered before I left!

  2. “A” for Awesome!
    I realized that running has taken over when my wife demanded that I draft a Christmas wish list. It is kind of embarrassing when it is 90% + running related items. My wife gets it, but in-laws, etc. probably think I’m nuts πŸ™‚

  3. That is hilarious and I totally get it. I always pack my running clothes first. I had a freak out the other day because I packed stuff to go to my in-laws for the day and I decided to wait and run on their treadmill. When I got there I realized I forgot running shoes. I was SO mad!

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