Happy 3rd Birthday Little One!

First off, thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post about my niece Ava, it’s greatly appreciated. On to some happy news:

Three years ago my husband and I would bring another little girl into the world. She was due Dec 12th but like her sister wanted to come a little early.

She gave us trouble from the start with the birth lasting about 13 hours compared to her sister’s birth which was quicker then you’d want to birth a baby; under 4 hours.

Sai Lilly and hilary

She’s our little badass!

She’s confident, know’s what she wants or doesn’t want and there is no changing her mind…unless chocolate is involved…she is my daughter after all.

Hilary's 3rd birthday

She’s funny. She’s serious. She’s cautious. She is shy. She loves pig tales, the outdoors and anything Frozen. She is kind and she’s happy. She is also winy and wants to do whatever her big sister is doing.

She’s three!

My goodness dear child, you’ve brought so much joy {and tears} into our lives and I can’t wait to see where you go, what you do and who you become. I look forward to ALL the adventures you take us on.

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Hilary.

xo Mommy

PS – if you didn’t read yesterday’s post check it out here as my family could use your support today. #milesforAvaMaeG

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