Happy 40th Birthday Saï

To the man I met 10 years ago who had a full mountain beard and dreadlocks you’d be jealous of; you haven’t changed a bit. Okay, you lost a bit of hair but that’s it!

Happy 40th Birthday Saï!

Anna And Sai 3

You didn’t want a party for your big day but you couldn’t stop me from writing on my blog that you are turning 40! So here is to 40 things about you:

  1. Your British, enough said 😉
  2. Your 2 Years Canadian.
  3. You had wicked dreads.
  4. You are smart.
  5. You make our girls laugh a lot!
  6. You make me smile.
  7. You do a lot of little things that make my day better.
  8. You are an adventurer.
  9. Your not afraid to learn new things.
  10. You can run fast.
  11. Shit, I’ve got to write 30 more things about you!
  12. You are a perfectionist.
  13. You invest in quality.
  14. You are a hard worker.
  15. You can downhill ski, cross county ski and telemark ski.
  16. You can’t skate to save your life.
  17. You can fix anything (of course after taking it apart).
  18. I love hearing your British accent when it comes out (not often).
  19. You’ve traveled the world.
  20. I got to 20….High Five!
  21. You like a good beer but buy me wine and drink that too 🙂
  22. You support my running habit and for that I’m grateful.
  23. You make people think. A LOT.
  24. You challenge people.
  25. You reached some of your life goals.
  26. Lilly likes Marmite just as much as you do. Yuck!
  27. I like running with you on the trails.
  28. Hilary loves how you pronounce “ba-na-na”.
  29. You have opened people’s eyes to vegan foods.
  30. Your quiet but thoughtful.
  31. You are probably hating that I wrote this.
  32. Don’t worry, it’s almost over.
  33. You have a funny sense of humour.
  34. I hate that you have a motorbike but love you anyway.
  35. You take care of your possessions.
  36. I love that we met outdoors and proposed to me on a lake (frozen).
  37. You research everything.
  38. I miss your dreads but pretty sure Paramedics can’t have them.
  39. I admire that you went back to school at 35.
  40. I love you.

PR Sai Anna Selfie

Happy 40th Birthday Saï!

Love ya!

Side note: My niece Ava’a heart surgery was postponed yesterday due to other emergency surgeries. Bit of a bummer that she can’t start the recovery process now but everything happens for a reason. Thank you for all your thoughts, comments on the blog, twitter and Facebook. It’s greatly appreciated. Keep us in your thoughts as her surgery will be rescheduled in the following weeks.

11 thoughts on “Happy 40th Birthday Saï

  1. What a lovely post. So funny, my husband had long, curly hair when I met him. It is slowly fading and when I see pics of him from back then it makes me giggle. Bummer about Ava. Keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Happy birthday Sai! Such a great post 🙂 Sorry to hear that your niece’s procedure was postponed–that’s always difficult. Hopefully she’ll be able to get the help she needs ASAP!

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