Dear Santa {Friday Five Linkup}

Dear Santa,

Thank goodness for auto correct because that almost said “Dear Satan”. Another confession, this is the first time I’ve done a “Friday Five Linkup” hosted by Mar on the Run!


As a mother runner, there are many things I want for Christmas. Maybe some new gear, races registrations or new trinkets that have nothing to do with running. There are also a few “other” things on my wish list…


What I really want for Christmas is sleep. That’s a lie, I want more than sleep but I’ll get to that in a minute. Santa, I would like to sleep all night.

I know, I know…that’s asking a lot with two young children but this Mama needs some sleep. Why? So I can stop looking and feeling like a zombie during the work day. Not to mention, my body needs some time to recover from all this running I’m doing and want to do. Really, I want my kids to sleep as well, yes you guessed it: all…night…long!


Solo bathroom time! I want to pee and poo by myself again. Yup, I do both. And yup, usually have an audience…seriously, I have no sweet clue why these two little rug rats want to be in the bathroom with me or have to have the door open. I guess they just love me that much! I’m pretty sure that used to be a normal thing to do – you know, use the bathroom on your own  but it’s been so long since I’ve done that I can’t remember. Foggy mommy brain Satan.

Shit, I mean Santa.

Solo bathroom time sounds like an easy thing to do rather than multi-task your toilet skills while breaking up a fight between the girls; or reading them a book (seriously, that has happened before); or explaining to Hilary what I’m doing play by play. Yes, that’s happened too, urgh! Forget about reading the newspaper or catching up on Facebook (cause you know you all do that while on the toilet) while in the lieu, it’s all about the kids – not pee or poo! {Note – I’m reading way to many potty books}


Let’s get honest, I want some running stuff. It doesn’t matter what it is, surprise me. Running keeps me sane…especially when I have very little sleep in me.


Mother Runner wearing a faulty children’s hair clip


Family. I want my family all together for Christmas – we just need and want some time together. That would be a fantastic gift.

Also in the family department Santa {oh, I got it right}, I WANT…yes a WANT….I want my niece’s surgery to be painless not only for her but her parents too. THAT would be nice. Now it’s on Dec 17th  which is before Christmas as you are well aware big guy. Please keep Ava, Paul and Jen in your thoughts that day. I know you will be busy as we all will be but I’m asking for your support and love that day.


I want some snow, just enough to play in with our girls Christmas day.

Thanks Satan.

Shit, I mean Santa.

Sorry about that….it’s now 2:23 am. This was way better to write then to try and fall asleep AGAIN for the fourth time.Ha ha, jokes on me, I know….kids rule our world but at least I got my run in last night!!!

PS – I’ll leave out some vegan cookies and almond milk for you 🙂

Thanks, Piper.

PS. If you write “Piper” on the gift bag of sleep or solo bathroom time I’ll know it’s from you 🙂

What’s on your wish list?

Do you think you’ll have a white Christmas this year?

What the one gift you are excited to give someone else?