Thinking of you Ava

I don’t seem to have it in me to blog lately and I’ve started this post five times and deleted everything.

I had a great yoga class on Tuesday, my abs still hurt and I tried an inversion for the first time – fun!

Lilly had her first Christmas concert last night, that was fun too.

Today my niece Ava has her heart surgery first thing. If you have time, think of her, her parents, Paul & Jen and our family. She was supposed to have her surgery Dec 3rd but it got postponed last minute. In fact, she was at the hospital in her baby johnny shirt. I’m sad and scared and just hoping Paul and Jen get through the day and her surgery is a success.

Ava Mae

I try to stay positive on this blog but right now it’s hard until this today is over. So….I might run at lunch to shake off the sad stress or maybe just a walk in the fresh air by myself. I’d rather not be at work but with my family but it’s not possible.

I’ll be thinking of you Ava Mae.

Aunt Piper.

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