Rough Runs & Good Times

Sometimes rough runs can still be good times!

Yesterday, my running buddy and I got our families together and make gingerbread houses. After those were done we made plans to run today around 8am and were going to run 10k.

It snowed over night.

I stepped outside and it was beyond cold! It was -4C but felt like -12C with the windchill. It’s been plus 2C to 10C lately so this WAS cold! I bundled up and even got out my Yaktrax cause you never know when ice/snow will meet your feet.

We planned on doing rolling hills and it was such a great idea when we planned it out but such a terrible idea while we were running it. This run went from being us being so excited to having to walk after the first kilometer! Seriously, we were done!

dec 20 run

Every hill was nothing but a struggle.

We walked.

She talked.

I listened.

I tried to reply though was gasping for air a lot.

Once on the highway I felt amazing and said “let’s keep going on the trail”. Krystol was game of course.

Not even 60 seconds into the trail and we were walking AGAIN! I don’t know what was wrong with us but this run…I mean walk/run was just going down hill fast. No pun intended.

Eventually, we finished 8k and managed to take some silly photo’s. I have no idea what I did to my hair in my hat and buff but it’s got a mind of it’s own.

Even though we agreed that was probably our worst run it was still a good time. I’m also confident that if she didn’t meet me to run, I would have wimped out and used my treadmill.

So glad to have a great running buddy, thanks Krystol!

Ever have a rough run be a good run?

What’s the weather like where you are?

Bundled up or warm and toasty? (I’m beside the fire now)



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