Christmas & a Marathon

It’s hard to believe Christmas is over and done with, especially when seeing lots of “2015 recaps” and 2016 goals popping up in emails and news feeds. I’m not ready to even think about 2016 goals.

We had a great Christmas here. My husband has been home for closed to 12 days, Santa arrived, lots of food was eaten and we even logged a number of kilometers. Yes we, my husband got out for a few good runs too!


We had our first snow storm on Sunday night and getting another storm Tuesday night. Welcome to winter!



No, I don’t have any plans for a 2016 marathon…at least not yet. I’m not sure if a marathon is in my near future but I was happy to jump on board this Marathon adventure.


What Marathon? Well, over the Christmas break a running group {Timberlea Tundra Pounders) I belong to, put out a challenge to run the distance of a Marathon over seven days (Dec 24th -30th) as a way to keep you active over the holidays and over indulging in food.


  • Day 1: 10 km (1:04:xx) Terrible run outside.
  • Day 2: 6 km (37:02) Terrible run outside.
  • Day 3:  5.2 km (30:59) Fantastic evening run that almost didn’t happen (picture above).
  • Day 4:  10 km (1:10:xx) Great treadmill run that was only going to be 7km turned into 10km.
  • Day 5: Today – hoping to get out this afternoon.

It’s been fun to see how everyone is doing with their marathon distance when juggling Christmas, work, family time and yes the snow too! So that’s my update for now. If you celebrated Christmas, sure hope it was great!

Anyone else running a lot right now?

Ever run a Christmas Marathon?

Anyone thinking about 2016?


19 thoughts on “Christmas & a Marathon

  1. We have not seen the first snow! It’s still floating in the 50/60s here in NC! Crazy talk here running in shorts still. I am excited for 2016! I have winter/spring race season set up! Including a marathon in April. I’ve not participated in a Christmas marathon. But I have participated in a chocolate marathon as of late 😉

  2. That’s a really fun idea for a “marathon!” A gym I used to belong to in Boston did something similar–you had to run a marathon worth of distance over the two weeks leading up to the marathon, and they had a board with little paper runners on the actual route and they moved you every time you added more mileage. So fun!

  3. I love the idea of a a Christmas marathon. I have never heard of that. Seems really motivating. I have been thinking about some of my 2016 goals but really I am working on finishing up my 2015 goals. I’m 10 miles away from 1300 miles for 2015! So hard to believe yet so close I can feel it!

  4. I’m trying not to think about a marathon. I think that Boston is gone, unfortunately. I had high hopes, but I’m worse now that I was when I started crutches. So I will be living vicariously through my athletes and friends!

    • My heart sank reading this comment. I’m so sorry you are in so much pain. Take it one day at a time, watch out for the ice and live vicariously through your athletes and friends as you can. Thinking of you girl.

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