First Run of 2016!

I finally manged to get in my first run in for 2016! I started to come down with a nasty head cold on Dec 30th and it took the good out of me until yesterday!

My girls and I have started a new tradition, though I’m not sure they really know it yet. My first kilometer each year (January 1st), I will run it with them! It doesn’t matter the pace or where we run but that we run 1 km together. Lilly and I did the same thing last year but Hilary was only 2 at the time.

1st run of 2015 with girls

We went out just before lunch and took a few photos along the way. Lilly, the oldest is fast however, her sister Hilary is pretty speedy for a three year old! We ran and walked off and on: 1 km in 10 minutes!

Both of them love running so I’m excited to see where that might take them throughout their lives!

Runners – have you run yet this year? What was your first run?

Parents – do you have any January 1st traditions as a family? Active or not.

Anyone else back to work today 😦