New Year’s Race Registrations

I’ve yet to sign up for a race this year!  *GASP*!!!!!!!!!!

I know! Crazy, eh!

Well, to be honest I’m already signed up for a double race at Maritime Race Weekend for the Tartan Twosome (5k & 1/2 Marathon) in September but I signed up a while ago. One of my favourites!

registration for run

I have my 2016 list of race only half ready…in my head. I’m just not ready to commit! I’m not sure if I’m just scared to register in case my hamstring doesn’t like training again. BUT…….I DID just run 42.2 km over 6 days and my hamstring stayed happy. So what I am waiting for?

Honestly, I have no sweet clue!

I’m hoping to register for a few new races this year and maybe even do something a little adventurous for my birthday but I have 6-7 months to figure that one out.

Every time I see someone register I get excited for them yet worried that I am behind the eight ball when really I’m not. It’s only January 5th, there is plenty of time…right 😉

What’s even better….I wrote this post and then went back on my blog to find the photo above……only to come across this post. Basically, saying the same thing! At least I’m consistent!

Have you signed up for any races? How many?

Are you putting off registration?

What’s the earliest you’ve registered for a race?