Five Signs You Need To Go Run

One: You are CRANKY!

Two: You’ve been sitting to much at your desk and realise how much your hips / hip flexors hurt.

Three: On your drive home from work you see multiple people running. They are all bundled up because it’s freezing outside, they are even wearing bright coloured clothing and reflective lights. Your first though is “good for them” and smile as you drive by.

This thought turn into “I wish that was me”. Which then turns into “I’m jealous they are running”, followed by “planning out when you can run next”. Feeling satisfied, the next runner you see…“Good for them”.

Four: You have zero energy or patience when your three year old has the biggest meltdown when you pick her up from day care. Since you have no energy or patience you let her have her tantrum and sit and wait. Seriously, you do nothing!

Tantrum over and you think…that’s kinda how I feel about running right now!

Five: After arriving at home you are asked “What’s wrong?” Your first thought is “good question” but you respond with “I don’t know!” with your hands in the air as if you are questioning yourself. After a good conversation with your husband you finally say….“I think I’m cranky AND I NEED TO RUN”. He agrees.

So, after you and your husband get your kids to bed, you jump on the treadmill and knock out 6 km. The best 6k you’ve run in oh….over a week because you’ve had a nasty head cold. The kinda of run that leaves your clothing soaked in sweat and a BIG smile on your face. You pour yourself a cold glass of water, pop your favourite Nuun table in the tall glass and a few ice cubs, then sit by the fire to stretch.

The “crankies” are gone, thankfully.

jan 6th run

True story!