Limitless isn’t a word that I normally think about when it comes to setting intentions. I’m confident in my abilities for the most part but I’ve never really thought about being limitless until yesterday.

You see, I went to yoga. Usually I go on Tuesdays but couldn’t today due to a meeting I have. Monday’s instructor is the one who taught me how to do a headstand before the holidays. Can you see where this is going? 

At the beginning of class she set the intention of “being limitless” for the class. I thought of that and figured it was manageable. Little did I know we’d be doing some things I’ve yet to try in yoga. However, because I accepted the “being limitless” I was at least going to try. There were six of us in the class.

yoga jan 11th

Years ago, I never thought yoga could equal a hard workout. You know, that hard workout you get from a good run, a soccer game, or even a snow shoe hike. I honestly thought it wasn’t going to be enough. It’s probably one reason why I never really gave it a shot until I was pregnant with Lilly. I did prenatal yoga religiously from 14 – 36 weeks pregnant and LOVED it!

I’ve come to learn that yoga is not only hard and challenging, it IS that kind of hard workout that I like. It’s completely comparable to a run, a soccer game or a snow shoe hike but in a different way. I sweat during class, I struggle during class, I even fail sometimes but I always try. I guess in a sense I’m limitless to trying.

Towards the end of the class we did some arm head stands – I can’t tell you the technical term cause I don’t remember it. I was less focused on the name more focused on the task I was given. She asked if anyone needed help and I said “yes” but in my head I said “hell ya”!

I did one with her assistance and figured that was it. But no, that wasn’t it. I ended up doing another three on my own after all my intentions for the class was “to be limitless”. And, I loved it! Arm head stands for the win!

Limitless might be my word for 2016. Don’t limit yourself to anything because you never know where or when you will succeed.

Do you have a “word” for 2016?

Ever limit yourself?

When’s the last time you were limitless?