I try to take advantage of being active over my lunch hour as it frees up my evening to relax, do chores or hang out with my husband when he is home. Yesterday I packed my snowshoes and winter gear and figured I’d go out at lunch for a little trek.

I headed over to this little trail as the sun was beating down on me. The wind was whipping around and the light snow that recently fell was dancing all over the place!


Sun shining bright……….


Leaving the trail behind….


It was about 3km’s and took around a half hour to snowshoe around the loop. I returned to my office and started back at work feeling energized. All of a sudden I crashed HARD! I could barely keep my eyes open let alone, be functional. It wasn’t pretty.

You see, I was up at 2:45 with Hilary; she had to pee. Then I couldn’t fall back to sleep even though I tried. At 3:45 (I was still awake), Lilly woke up crying….she missed Daddy. She cried until close to 5 am – no joke! Poor girl. She eventually fell asleep beside me but I was WIDE awake! I eventually fell asleep only to have my alarm go off 45 minutes later.

snowshoe jan 20th

I was completely exhausted from lack of sleep and the fresh air I got snowshoeing. Sunshine, snow and cold wind blowing around……..perfect way to spend your lunch break.

Do you get out on your lunch break?

Are you loving the winter temp and getting outside or staying inside and hibernating ?

Favourite winter activity? 

32 thoughts on “Snowshoeing

  1. Awe, poor Lilly! It’s so sad when a parent works away. My fingers are crossed that Dave doesn’t have to work away when he’s done school!!

  2. First, love the new layout! Though I will miss the pics of the kiddos and the fam. I would love to go snowshoeing! Something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m sure that it would kick my ass. I (obviously) don’t have kids, but I can tell you, simply from having a very “dedicated” cat that separation anxiety is a very real thing. We miss the people that we love! And so hard for kids.

    • Thanks Susie, was wanting a little change on the blog … still playing with it. Lilly does really well when Saï is away but he was just home for 10 days twice (Dec and Jan) so we had a little extra time with him. It IS so hard for kids…we talk about it a lot with the girls.

  3. I’m a little jealous of your snowshoeing! When I post on social media about running on the treadmill on snowy days often my friends from very snowy areas will tell me to go snowshoeing. Unfortunately we just don’t have enough snow and often enough snow to warrant dropping the money on a pair. So instead I spend my snowy days indoors on the treadmill 🙂

    • Such a bummer that you can’t go snowshoeing….you’ll just have to plan a vacation someday where you can snowshoe. It’s such a workout. I used to work outdoors and we’d go for 5-6 hour snowshoe treks and then pass out from exhaustion shortly after we’d return!

  4. I have to say, my favorite winter activity is the fact that I live in South Florida and don’t have to have a “winter activity”. The snow is pretty, though!

  5. I love going outside on my lunch and breaks. But winter time has me in hibernation mode. Luckily my office has treadmill desks to walk on and a workout room with a some nice equipment to work up a sweat. You’re brave. I’m not a snow person.

  6. If we lived near each other, we would be real life BFFs. I love being outside in the winter (skiing!! yay!). I am dying for a pair of snowshoes or xc skis. This year, we have zero snow so I haven’t been as interested in it but if we did, I’d be all over that. Great pictures, so jealous of your snow AND lunch time snowshoeing!!!

  7. Wow, I’m jealous of your snowshoeing adventure! I used to be all about the runch, but these days it just seems like too much effort to cram it all into a short lunch hour. Maybe once the weather gets nice again this spring I’ll reconsider.

    • You know what, it’s not too hard. It can be simple if you are on a path that is used frequently or super hard if you are breaking your own trail. You can make it what you want from it! Hope you give it a try soon!

  8. That looks like so much fun! And TOUGH! It’s so beautiful out there though. I’d love to try something like this, but we haven’t had snow all winter yet. (Although that’s all supposed to change tomorrow!)

    • It sure can be tough. I decided to not use the path everyone else was using so I was deep in the snow. Good luck with the BIG storm this weekend! Be safe and hope you get Betty out tobogganing, my girls LOVE it!

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