Building My Base {Week 1}

Last week I decided that I needed to start building my base again. You know, like properly running and cross training not just flying by the seat of my pants.

I’ve been going to yoga once a week and running when I feel like it but that’s not really going to get me where I want to be. I’m tired of running slow and want to get back to my old running pace (2014). I’m feeling like my hamstring and glutes are under control and getting stronger with the cross training that I’m doing.

Build My Base Week #1 Went Like This:

Monday 18th: Yoga Class {Vinyasa}. I learned how to do “Eight Angle Pose” and loved it! I can only do it on one side and the other side I can’t even get up. I’m really loving going to yoga class mid day as it stretches my sore muscles yet gets me energized for the afternoon and evening. My body feels so much better after going to yoga.

Tuesday: 5k treadmill run. As I jumped on the treadmill and turned it on, “lube belt” showed up on the screen. That means you can’t use the treadmill until you lube it with oil (or whatever it is). The last two times I did it, I failed miserably with it resulting in 3 – 5 days of not being able to use it.

I took a deep breath and may have said a few swear words as I thought my much needed run was going to go out the door. I loosened the belt, put the oil on, let it run for 3 minutes and then another three minutes of walking on it, then I started to run. NO BELT ISSUES this time…it was awesome!  Oh, and 30 jumping jacks.

Wednesday: Snowshoeing at lunch (30 minutes) by myself. It was a perfect day to be outside. The sun was shining and the air was crisp! I was motivated by Molly at Fresh Start for Molly when she said she was trying to get outside more this winter. I could have done nothing over my lunch hour and ran that evening on the treadmill but I wanted to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Snowshoeing won.

Thursday: 8k treadmill run. This was a great run. This is when I decided I needed to start focusing better on “building my base” for half marathon training.

Friday: Date night of downhill skiing! A last minute decision to go downhill skiing was made when my Dad came down for the night. Sai and I took off to the hill and managed a handful of runs before we got too cold and tired.

ski jan 22nd with sai

Saturday: Nothing! I was planning to run in the evening but my body was exhausted and I took a nap in the afternoon watching “Frozen” with the girls. I could barely function so I basically did nothing while my husband took care of dinner and bed time for the girls. Well, I didn’t do nothing, I did 15 minutes of light stretching to feel better.

Jan 24 run

Sunday: 30 push ups & 5k treadmill run. I wasn’t loving this run but was thankful to be able to do it while the girls slept. You may see “30 push ups or jumping jacks” randomly through the week – it’s part of a monthly challenge I’m doing. I don’t like push ups.

What I’m planning for this week:

  • Run three times
  • Yoga class
  • Snowshoe or cross country ski during lunch
  • PT exercises – yes I’m still doing those for my hamstring and glutes.
  • Maybe some other cross training: DVD workout at home.

How was your last week?

Are you building a base for upcoming training?

For those who got it by the storm, did you get to play in the snow at least?