Building My Base {Week #2}

I’m finally starting to feel stronger after week #2 of building my base, however by Thursday of last week my legs were tired, not sore but just tired. ! It was a busy week with my husband away but somehow I managed fairly well. Though my body was tired, I kept moving forward and then had to readjust my workouts because of weather or family life.

Building My Base Week #2

I’m going to take the same format I’ve done for my half marathon training plans of “What was Planned vs. What Really Happened”. I’m not sticking to a specific workout ie: run every Tues 5k but more looking each week and wanting to do the following:

  • Run three times
  • Yoga class
  • Snowshoe or cross country ski during lunch
  • PT exercises – yes I’m still doing those for my hamstring and glutes.
  • Maybe some other cross training: DVD workout at home.

What I Planned vs What Really Happened Week #2:

Monday: Planned Yoga @ Lunch | 20 minute walk. I wasn’t feeling great so I decided to go for a walk during my lunch hour and run at night. However, I didn’t run….I just rested. My body needed it!

Tuesday: Run | 5k Treadmill Run. This was a good run. The first 1-3 km were slow and kinda painful. Painful as in, it was just hard but then I got into my grove and picked up the pace from 3-5 k. 

Wednesday: Longer Run | 7k Treadmill Run, 1:32 minute plank. I really enjoyed this run and once I was warmed up (around 3k) I picked up my pace significantly. I struggled a little bit and had to take a few 10 second breaks but was loving the faster pace. I did my 90 second plank as part of a challenge and my arms were not loving that.

Thursday: Run | DVD workout because I remembered I wanted to do one. Also my legs were tired from Wednesday’s run.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it! This might become a standard for the year 😉 My husband arrived home which is always a happy day in our house. Not only that but we got another snow storm – close to 30 cm I believe. It was so beautiful out Saturday.

snow shoe Jan 30th

Saturday: Long Run with running buddy | Snow Storm – 35 minute Snow Shoe Trek. Since we couldn’t get out for a run, my running buddy met me for a quick snow shoe trek in fresh powder. We had to get Lilly to a birthday party and then hit the road for Halifax to visit our family. 

I got to snuggle with this beautiful little girl….my niece Ava. It’s been since October since I’ve been able to hold her due to us being sick and her heart surgery. I didn’t share her too much over the 6 hours we hung out 🙂



Sunday:  Plan was to Run | 10 km Treadmill Run. I jumped on the treadmill around 7:45 pm and decided I’d run 5-6 km which turned into 8 k and then I decided to run 10 k. Why not right? And three minutes of planking (2 before running and then 1 after).

Honestly, this was THE BEST RUN I’ve had in a long long time. I could have kept running but didn’t want to hurt myself by pushing the distance. I was feeling pretty great after this run.


Do better: I really need to go to bed earlier, like before 10 pm. I usually finish running, shower, dry my hair etc., and then hop in bed between 10 and 10:30 but don’t always go to bed because of using social media or reading. This has to change. I need more sleep, I need to stop computer/social media time earlier.

This week: Same plan as above: run three times, yoga class, ski/snowshoe if I can at lunch, PT exercise and a DVD workout. Who knows, maybe I’ll have to do some more snow shoveling and my upper body will love me hate me.

How was your weekend?

Any good workouts/running or training happening?

Getting out in the snow?

7 thoughts on “Building My Base {Week #2}

  1. Great job this week, especially that 10K! Don’t you love when you go for a run (especially a long one) and it just clicks? Best feeling. Also, Friday rest days are the best things ever. I did that through the spring and LOVED IT. I’m trying to stick to the Hansons stuff so that means Wednesday rest for me, but Fridays are where it’s AT!

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