More Skiing & “little” Skating

I feel like I’ve been really MIA in the blog (insert all social media sites) lately…and it feels kinda nice. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing this blog but I love more to spend time with my family and that’s what I’ve been up to lately.

I’ve had an extra long weekend (Friday – Tuesday off) and returning back to normal life tomorrow….a.k.a work world. We’ve had some adventures in …

Skating on Valentines. It was around -18C or so….we still had fun. Lilly was learning how to balance since it’s been two years and Hilary was out for a bit. However, she decided snuggling with Daddy was warmer.

There are a handful of outdoor rinks in the communities around us. This one is about a 3-4 minute drive from our house (1.5km in running…ha ha).

skating feb 14th


Skiing with the whole family Monday (Family/Heritage Day in Nova Scotia). Skiing, eating and hanging out in the ski lodge with Grammy and Grandad. Then naps in the car on the way home for the littlest one.

Feb 15th family day ski

And a solo shot at the top. Got in a few runs with Sai.

ski feb 15th

I’ve done little laundry, haven’t cleaned the house and pretty sure I ate everything in sight 😉 All kidding aside, we’ve had a great weekend playing outside as a family. No running shoes but lots of fun adventures on skates and skis.

skates and skis feb 2016

Hopefully, I’ll be back to normal 3-4 blogs posts a week soon.

Anyone else play outside this past weekend?

Are you over winter?

For those who had Family Day/Heritage Day in Canada – what did you do?

Have you missed my blog post ? 😉 

16 thoughts on “More Skiing & “little” Skating

  1. Glad you enjoyed your long weekend! It’s been absolutely frigid until today, but I leave for a conference in Florida tomorrow morning, so I have no complaints at the moment 🙂

  2. Way to get outside and play! That’s what it’s all about …. you know I’ve noticed it was actually more pleasant in a way to be outside in the frigid cold than in this wet, nasty, windy stuff we have now in the Maritimes. I’m gravitating toward my treadmill moreso in this weather!

    • It sure is better to be outside then stuck indoors. I’m all about taking our girls out in every weather condition. If you are dressed for it then it should be successful.
      I’ve been on my treadmill a lot more then outside these days!

  3. Hooray for public rinks in the winter! I love those pink skates. When Mary was born, someone sent her pink hockey skates. Kind of a bummer since we are skating coaches and I wouldn’t have her use that brand, but I thought it was the cutest thing anyway. What a fun time you guys had! And now let’s enter spring!

    • It’s so great to have local skating rinks! We hadn’t planned on buying pink skates for Lilly but they were a great price that you can’t pass up. I’m tired of girls things being “pink” and the whole gender/colour thing. However, they work and she loves them!

  4. Love this! We have outdoor skating rinks here in Anchorage too and they are so much fun! I’m a total skating newbie so I need the railing before I move onto skating on lakes. And I’m jealous you got to ski this weekend – I spent the entire weekend relaxing and while I have no regrets, I did miss my usual ski!

    • Love that you are a skating newbie – lots of adventures ahead I’m sure 🙂 My husband can’t skate to save his life. My Dad make a rink in our back yard (such a Canadian thing to do) so we were always on skates!

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