Lack of Motivation: Building My Base Week 4 and 5

Motivation to run is probably at it’s lowest point in a long time. Not sure why but for some reason I’m somewhat okay with that.

Basically, I’m focusing on building my base because soon I’ll be training for a 10k in May (I think) and Half Marathon in June. I don’t want to go into training empty – you know what I mean? I want to have maintained my fitness so that when I start those training plans I’m not struggling like I have before. Mind you last year, I trained for what would have been my 3 & 4th half marathon with a major hamstring injury.

My hamstring still isn’t 100%! What, a year or more later and it’s not better? Β Yes and No. You see, IF I don’t stretch properly after a run, I’m in a lot of pain so stretching is key for me. I need to get back into foam rolling regularly again too!

The first three weeks I shared my “building my base” in the same format I did with my training plans. Not this week. Since I’m catching you up on two weeks, I decided to keep it simple.

Week #4

  • Monday 8th: Yoga Class
  • Tuesday: 2k treadmill run, wasn’t feeling it.
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday: Skipping & 5k treadmill run
  • Friday: Downhill Skiing for 2 hours by myself. (Vacation)
  • Saturday: Nothing.
  • Sunday: Skating with the family.

Week #5

  • Monday 15th: Skiing with the family. (Holiday)
  • Tuesday: Skiing with a friend. (Vacation)
  • Wednesday: Rest Day. Went to bed early, was exhausted.
  • Thursday: 5 minutes of skipping, 5k treadmill run, 50 squats
  • Friday: Rest Day. Just exhausted with life and wanted to go to bed early.
  • Saturday: Nothing. Unless shopping kid less for 3 hours counts? Seriously, my body was aching from running errands all afternoon.
  • Sunday: 7k treadmill run. Finally this was a great run, I felt great during the run and after. So nice to end the week with a GOOD run!

feb 21st run

If you missed the first three weeks you can catch up here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3.

That’s it. I’m happy with being active in a variety of things but missing the consistency of running a lot. Really, it’s February and I can’t complain. I’ve logged more km running then last year already. I’ve been skiing three times, went to yoga twice so far and did a little skating with the family.

Though my motivation and interest in running is low….I’m still working hard at building my base…or should I say maintaining my base now.

How’s your month of February going?

Anyone else struggling like me?


19 thoughts on “Lack of Motivation: Building My Base Week 4 and 5

  1. I’m struggling because it is nice enough outside for me to want to be out there so badly, but I still am not quite there yet (though I’m definitely doing better) and I have no motivation to strength train. AT ALL. Unfortunately, you will probably always be battling that hamstring–you did a number on it (not purposefully, of course), and when soft tissue is injured, it never remodels the same way–it just can’t. The good news is that is should get better and stronger with the new connections over time, but it will take a good long while.

    • It’s starting to get nicer outside here too…so much better to be outside then stuck inside. Yeah, my hamstring has a mind of it’s own though I’ve figured it out and have to make sure I continue my PT exercises and STRETCH!!!!

  2. When something doesn’t feel 100% I lack motivation as well. I hope you are able to stretch that thing out. I feel like it’s also been hard to stay motivated when you don’t know what the weather will bring….

  3. My motivation was definitely shot a few weeks ago as well, but I slowly seem to be getting it back. At the same time, I’m just trying to enjoy getting outdoors or to the gym without putting too much pressure on myself even though I’m training for my first marathon.

    Hope your motivation comes back soon, but yay for skiing and yoga! Great ways to be active. πŸ™‚

    • I’m getting outside more and doing “other things” which is great but my running motivation just isn’t up there. I did have a great run last night and even better yoga today…so maybe I’m on to something πŸ™‚

  4. Lack of motivation now and then is natural, especially in these cold, dreary winter months. My February has been pretty excellent so far. I’m on track to have my highest mileage month ever, and still feeling pretty good. I need to do more yoga and rolling, though.

  5. Motivation is odd, some days great and others not so much. I think it’s winter, the weather is perfect for curling up with a blanket and book. Or it should be, I got way too much on Saturday which knocked me out on Sunday. Oops.

  6. I have some weeks where motivation is lacking and others where it is high. Sometimes the change is just what we need in our lives even if we love running.
    You will get it back. Don’t be hard on you.
    You could just be sitting on the couch and not doing anything. πŸ™‚

      • You will snap out of it. It happens to me in the winter. I find if I at least tell Warren how I am feeling he can sometimes help. Perhaps call on a friend to get you running. I sometimes have to tell W that he needs to take me for a run. I need his support to go and get me out the door. He is aware it won’t be fast but he knows I need the mental and physical push from him.

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