Oh, sorry….that should have read “I HEART YOGA” but really I’m hurting from yesterday’s Yoga Flow class (and loving it).

As I sit at my desk on a balance ball and move slightly to the right or left, I notice my body is so achy from yoga. THAT is a good thing. It means I worked hard yesterday. I’ve talked before about how I never thought yoga would be enough of a workout for me but it is.

There were three of us in the class and our instructor asked if there was anything we wanted to work on. I said “core” knowing that it could potentially hurt and be extremely challenging. But I asked for it.

Half way through the class I couldn’t believe how warm I was and how much sweat I had all over my body. Seriously! What was up with that? Well, I was pushing my limits and challenging myself. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do every pose right and I fell over many times as my balance was off. However, I managed to hold “birds of paradise” on both sides with no problems and my crow was on point!

yoga jan 11th

It was great. It was challenging. It was hard. It was just what I needed to get excited about running again. What? What do you mean, running? Well, I needed something to really jump start my motivation again. I needed a push, a challenge and I got it.

I may have been sweaty, I may have fallen out of a pose or two…okay three, I may have pushed myself to try new things and fail but I didn’t give up. As I walked back to the office to quickly get cleaned up for the afternoon, my body felt wonderful.


I may hurt all over (upper back, arms, abs, glutes and my thighs) but it’s a good hurt. So tonight I plan to lace up and either hit the streets bundled up (it’s -8C/17F  but feels like -12C) or jump on THE BEAST and get in some kilometers.

When was the last time you hurt all over from a workout?

What challenges you when you have low motivation?

Ever ask your yoga instructor for a specific pose or area to work on?