Building My Base Week #8


I’m still here even though it seems like I’m blogging less and less. This past week I ran less and less too! It was my busiest week of work and then the decisions to run vs not running did not go so well.

Having said that, I did what I could last week, fingers crossed I’m moving forward with some more consistent running and soon training.

Week #8

What Was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday Mach 7th: Yoga | Nothing as my hamstring was sore from Sunday’s 10k 😦 Feeling a little frustrated with my hamstring but I’m figuring it out as I go along.

Tuesday: Yoga | Nope! I really REALLY needed to go to this class and even brought my stuff with me. However, with a big day on Wednesday (100 attend a gender equity workshop), I had so much to do I worked through my lunch. To be honest, there’s been more hours going into work then I think I really had to offer between my normal work day and life with kids. It’s all good as the workshop was amazing!

Wednesday: Run| Nothing. Up until 2pm I was super excited to get out for a run once I got home, fed the girls and got them to bed. However, I made the mistake of sitting down during the workshop late in the afternoon and I felt like I was hit by a tone of bricks. With all my energy drained, I went to sleep at 9pm.

Thursday: Run | Ran 5k on the treadmill. Nothing amazing about the run but really happy to get it in!


Friday: Run | Nothing. Bailed last minute on my run.

Saturday: No workout plans | Nothing active other than walking around Costco….so you could say I nailed today’s plans of not working out!

Sunday: Run | RAN!!!!!!! (Skipping, squats and lunges with weights). I finally got in a 5k treadmill run and it was great. Relaxing, comfortable and just what my body needed. I woke up today (Monday) feeling fantastic!

march13 run

So, another not so great week building my base but you know what…that’s life and I’m totally okay with it right now. I’ve got another week or two of “building my base” and then you’ll start reading about my training 🙂

Total km run this month (so far): 23 ….yikes…I’ve got to get running!

Week #7 if you missed it is here. 

How was your weekend?

How’s your running/training/workouts going?

Anyone else struggling like me?