Butterflies and Laughter

Technically March Break hasn’t ended for my daughter yet! It was only supposed to be a week (5 days) but ended up having two extra days due to snow storms! One the day before March break and then yesterday. Hopefully they will be back to school today as she really misses her teacher!

As mentioned yesterday, we went skiing. Here’s a few more fun times that we had at Ski Wentworth.

March Break ski trip PR.jpg

I’m learning a lot being a parent of two younger children. Things are getting easier but it’s also an eye opener. I always think “how did our parents do it?” How do other people do it? Parenting is exhausting and rewarding at the same time!

When you have a baby, you prep for all baby things; nursing/bottles, food, teething, crawling, walking etc. You know at some point those things are going to happen, they learn them and you all get through it.

Last week I wasn’t prepared for a few things….

  1. The smile on Hilary’s face as she blasted down the bunny hill with Saï. Then her bursting out in laughter.
  2. The butterflies in my stomach watching Lilly ski down the hill by her self, climb up a little incline to the “magic carpet” and say “common mom, let’s go again”.
  3. We practiced reading with Lilly a lot this past week and can’t believe how well she has done.
  4. Also, I wasn’t prepared to leave my husband in my dust as I cruised down the hill. Just kiddin’….it was fun to ski in front of him…I mean with him 🙂

It’s little things but in reality being a parent and doing the hard work makes it easy to see, experience and have those butterfly moments. Don’t get me wrong, there were times when Saï and I questioned taking two kids on a ski trip but on the drive home we realised it was ALL worth it. (Also, we had Grammy and Grandad with us…so that helped a lot).

Parents – do you ever get butterflies when your kids accomplish something they worked hard for?

What’s the one thing you enjoy watching your kids do?

Any big accomplishments happening with your kids?