DONE Building My Base Week 10!!!

Woohoo! 10 weeks of trying to building my base – stay active – keep my fitness going – You name it…it’s done!

Really, it was just something to help keep me focused through the winter and NOT training for a race.

Week #10

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday March 21st: Yoga | Rest Day & Plank (90 seconds). Snow storm day. I went to work in the morning and then worked from home in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga & 30 Push UpsI loved yoga class. I tried a new post (can’t remember the name) but instantly had a bruise forming on my left triceps from it. It looks like someone poked me hard.

Wednesday or Thursday: Run | 5 k Treadmill Run(I can’t remember which day I ran). It wasn’t a fantastic run but it wasn’t terrible either so…it was a completed run for the books.


Friday: Run | NothingI had planned to run first thing in the morning which turned into going in the afternoon….to an evening run. Once the evening hit and the girls were in bed, I just decided not to run. No excuses, no injuries, no complaints…I just flat out decided not to run. I wasn’t too happy that I gave up so easy.

Saturday: Run/Gym | Nothing (50 squats)I traveled into the city for my Dad’s 70th…yes 70th birthday party and was hoping to either run or get to the gym in the evening. That didn’t happen. Another day, another missed run/workout 😦 This isn’t good. I did fit in my 50 squats for Team Spark.

Sunday: Run | 7 k OutsideThis was by far the worst run I’ve had in a LONG time. (Still at my parents place) I got up a 7:15 and missed the girls Easter egg hunt as they were up at 6:15 with Grandad. I took me until 9:30 or so to get out the door and that was with some encouragement from my mother.


I wasn’t going into the run with a good attitude (problem #1). I started off slow and left had two hills up and one large one down to get out of the subdivision. I decided to run on the BLT Trails which were frozen gravel. I got rather annoyed for some reason with the condition of the trail: frozen footprints from other people and bike tracks. For some reason I was struggling running in the frozen footprints…weird eh!


I came across a Boston runner…he passed me from behind and said “good morning”… I chimed in with “good morning” as the past by me and a much faster pace.

I hit another subdivision where my sister lives and ran near by her house. I did far more walking then I wanted to. I still wasn’t loving my run and was about 4k from away from my parents place.

“Just keep running, just keep running” (like “just keep swimming” from Dory – Finding Nemo). Anyway. I was hating this run. I thought some fartleks would help but that didn’t. I thought some extra hills would help but that didn’t either. The only thing that I liked was hitting my “save” button once I hit 7k.

Am I glad I did the run – heck ya. Did I love it…nope, not one second. That’s just life!

KM this week: 12

Week 9 is here.

Why did I do “Building My Base”? To be honest, I needed something to keep me focused and keep me going. Though this winter was by far extremely easy weather wise, I still struggled a lot with running but managed better with my hamstring this year than last.

Also, we went skiing a lot more this year which was a nice change and I went to yoga almost once a week for the last six months. I’m absolutely loving yoga and feel like it’s making me stronger as I’m able to do different poses and hold others longer.

What’s next? It’s time to start training for my 4th Half Marathon!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, this week is #1 for the Johnny Miles Half Marathon (June 19th). More about this soon!

How was your weekend?

Did you eat all the Easter candy?

Anyone else training for a half marathon right now?

8 thoughts on “DONE Building My Base Week 10!!!

  1. I’m glad that you had your time building your base to help you keep your eye on the prize, as it were. Hopefully now the weather and life will start to cooperate with you!

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