Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Plan

Whoop Whoop! It’s time to start training for Johnny Miles Half Marathon!!!!!!!!! I’m a wee bit excited!

I’ve been trying to build my base for the last 10 week (yes, 10) and now ready to get into training mode. My first race is May 22nd (10 k) and first half marathon is in June (19), then mid September (5 and half) and possibly one in October.

Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training

Race: Johnny Miles Race Weekend

Number of Runners: 3,000 (2 day event)

Distance: 21.1 km (me)

Date: June 19th 2016 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Who is Johnny Miles?

He was a Canadian (Nova Scotia) Marathon who won Boston in 1926 & 1929 and an Olympian. He supported his family while working as a kid in the coal mines and started running competitively throughout the Maritimes and beyond. I read a book about him two years ago and wanted to run this race after I read it.



  • This is my first time running this event.
  • It’s 2 loops.
  • It’s 2.5 hours away. I’m staying over night with my running buddy Krystol. This is our first girls weekend away without kids and completed focus on the run.
  • Yes, it’s Father’s Day weekend 🙂
  • I’m planning to run, continue my weekly yoga class, increase my strength training (IronStrength), core and hopefully add in some cycling when weather/schedules permit. I’ll more then likely hit up GoodLife Fitness in the city when I can and hope to get in my long runs with my running buddy, Krystol.


  1. To train for, run 21.1 km and successfully recover post race without any hamstring troubles.

Half Marathon Personal Best:

Currently is 2:05:10 in 2014. I’m not aiming for a PB but that’s what it is. My last half marathon was October 2015; PEI Marathon and finished in 2:13:28.

Training Plan: Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Training Plan.

I’m going back to the intermediate training plan as I really enjoyed it before and not feeling like I’m starting from scratch with my hamstring. I also don’t want to push it with training this time around and move on to Intermediate 1/2 just yet. I really want to build some more strength in my hamstring, glutes and core before focusing a lot on speed.

Note: I’ve taken the Intermediate in miles and changed it over to kilometres since that’s what I run in. Feel free to use this however, you may want to decide on how many km vs miles you want to run. Sometimes I rounded up, sometimes down.JohnnyMilesHalfTrainingWork Hard & Trust Your Training!

What are you currently training for?

Ever run Johnny Miles? 

What’s your BEST tip for training for a half marathon?