Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 4

Since I am a few days into week #5, I figured I should hit publish on this post! I’ve been neglecting my little blog only because life happens. Life happens and I just didn’t have anything to blog about I guess.

Last week sure wasn’t the week I had planned. I was (and still) having SI joint issues and decided to go to my Osteopath and then was ill for a few days. Life happens, you keep moving forward and enjoy the rest days while you can, right.

Though I’m into week 5 as I write this, this is how last week’s training went down….

What was Planned VS What Really Happened:

Monday 18th: Stretch & Strengthen | Yoga. Love me some yoga! Monday yoga class is always more challenging than Tuesday’s (different class, different instructor). This was the last day with Christina 😦 which is a bummer as she challenged me in ways I didn’t think I could accomplish. Thank you for that!

Tuesday: 6k run| 6k run Outside. It was a last minute decision to run outside but such a good one. I was running a much faster pace then I have in the past so that was really encouraging.

april 20th run

Wednesday: 35 minute tempo run | 6k + Osteopath Appointment. I ran a slow and hard 6k during my lunch break as I had an Osteopath appointment at 3:15 PM. If I didn’t run it then, I wouldn’t be able to that evening. After an Osteopath appointment it’s recommended that you take a few days off to allow your body to recover from the treatment. Let’s just say, my SI joint and left side of my body was a mess. She released my SI joint but I was extremely sore that night and spent a lot of time icing it.

Thursday: 5k + Strength Training | Rest DayKinda had to rest as my SI joint/back was still sore.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest DayNailed it…again enforced rest day. Started to feel ill and went home in the afternoon for a nap! Seriously, who takes the afternoon off work to nap? I did. Don’t worry, my boss knew I was going home.

Saturday: Rest Day | Rest DaySI joint was feeling okay but I was the worst stomach cramps ever – very comparable to childbirth contractions. My whole abdominal wall would tighten in server pain throughout the day. I had planned on running that night but my symptoms just got worse. Early to bed for me.

Sunday: 5k Race | 4kI skipped the local 5k race as I still wasn’t feeling great. That evening I was feeling a lot better so I did a slow 4k on the treadmill. My body felt great but my SI joint area/lower back still aren’t happy.

We watched this lady run past our house Sunday – the girls cheering her on and me just wishing that was me 🙂


So not a great week but I’m hopeful my SI joint/lower back will sort itself out soon. Sitting is the worst for me. I did have a great IronStrength workout last night and really looking forward to yoga at lunch today!

KM this week: 16k 

KM this training cycle: 86km

If you missed last week 3, you can find it here.

How was your weekend?

Anyone race/training?

What’s the longest number of days you’ve taken off during a training cycle?


Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 3

It’s a big day for some people in BOSTON! I can’t even imaging how excited, nervous, anxious all those runners are. Good luck to all those running Boston, especially Kyla, Heather and Andrew!

Now back to little old me reality…half marathon training 🙂 I don’t know about you, but we just had the most amazing weather on the weekend. Well, Saturday was a bust with cooler temps and a few flurries to make us all freak out but Sunday was gorgeous! We got outside for some bike riding and bubble blowing! I even managed to sneak in a long run!

Biking weather.


What was Planned vs What Really Happened.

Monday April 11th: Stretch & Strength | Massage. No workouts for me today as I had an appointment for a massage. My SI joint and hip flexors were giving sore so I though a massage would help…and it did immediately!  It was worth missing my evening strength training to feel better.

Tuesday: 6k | Yoga. I went to yoga class at lunch time and that helped my back/SI joint as well. I had planned to run that evening but complete wasted my night. However, my husband did jump on his bike – so a win for him 🙂

Wednesday: 6 x 400’s | 6 x 400’s + 2-3k more (8k total ran)This was a great run! All day I had planned to do it on the treadmill and last minute I took it outside to our local trail. The trail is just over 1km from our house so I used that as a warm up.

I did 3 x 400 along the trail with 30-60 seconds of rest in between and then turned around and did that again. Once I finished that I just wanted to keep running and thought I could get in 6-7k in total for the day. I remembered it was #worldlitterrunweek so I picked up a bag and started trotting along my run picking up litter.

Eventually, I turned around and put the whole bag in the trash at a local grocery store but still had to run the 1km home. In the end, I ran 8k. It was a successful 6 x 400 and run in general.

Thursday: 5 k + Strength| 5kNo strength training. I had planned on doing a double workout once the girls were in bed but life happens. My husband was working and when I got home our dog had not one but two accidents in the house 😦 Off the girls went to play with our neighbour while I cleaned it up and then made dinner. We were running behind all night and I didn’t start my run until 8:25 PM. I finished my 5k and turned off the treadmill and my phone rang; an old high school friend of mine. I thought about doing the strength training while chatting with her but I just wanted to sit chat and listen. So worth it.

Friday: Rest Day! | Rest Day! I just love Fridays! I think I was on a high all day because I knew I wasn’t doing ANYTHING that evening. I painted my nails and got caught up on Grey’s.

Matchy match totally unplanned.


Saturday: Rest Day | 11k Long run. Nailed it. Okay, I didn’t nail this run at all. I started my run at 6:45 AM – that was a BIG win! It was terrible after 4k! I didn’t fuel properly and took nothing with me. It was cold but the temperature wasn’t bothering me, nor the route I ran. It was just physically HARD!

The face of struggle post run!


I did managed to run up two challenging inclines/hill. The first incline I always dread as it just goes on for days. Honestly, you wouldn’t even notice that it’s an incline until you run/walk it. The second challenge was a hill just over 1km from my house. I was hurting but just kept saying “run to this point and then see how you are doing”. Which turned into “I can do hard things” and then “just a littler further and you can rest”.

I trotted home to my girls and my vegan husband who made me THE BEST scrambled eggs with cheese and toast with peanut butter. Lilly and Hilary stretched with me and then I gobbled up my food before a quick shower as Lilly has morning swimming lessons.

Sunday: 5k Race | IronStrengthI managed to get in a 45 minute IronStrength workout Sunday evening. I still hate burpees and my arms feel like jello as I type this AND I’m probably going to hurt tomorrow. It’s all good!


KM this week: 24 km

KM in this training cycle: 70 km 

Overall: I feel good about last week even with missing a 6k and then struggling through an 11k when I was only supposed to race 6k. I’m hoping to run a 5k race next Sunday.

My SI joint is still bothering me, however the massage on Monday made it feel amazing and took away the pain immediately. I’m planning to book in with my Osteopath later this week, which will mean 2-3 days of rest/light activity. This could be good timing with week 4’s training plan. We’ll see!

Links for Training PlanWeek #1, Week #2 in case you missed them!

How was your weekend?

Anyone run? 

Who’s watching the Boston Marathon today? now anyone running?


Friday 5 Favourites: Half Marathon Training

It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I can honestly say I’m really happy to see Friday. It hasn’t been a terrible week or a long week but I’m just looking forward to the weekend.

To sleep in…ha ha, just kidding. I have kids that won’t let me sleep in. I’m also trying to figure out if I should keep to my training plan this weekend of a “5k race” which would be done on my own OR switch to a long run of 11k and then race 5k next weekend. There is a local 5k race next weekend on a course that I got a PB on in 2014! What would you do?

I’m joining Mar on the Run, Cynthia and Courtney on the {Friday Five Link Up}. It’s all about “Favourites”!!! Not Favorites…Favourites, I’m Canadian 🙂 So, I’m talking about all my favourites related to training for my current half marathon.


Foam Rollers

My oh my, I’m loving my foam rollers (one is missing from the photo). These are key to keeping my glutes happy while training for races. My legs are tired by the time I hit Friday and I’m hoping that will change over time but it’s foam rollers that keep my muscles happy.


Strength Training

I’ve been digging the IronStrength workouts the last few weeks even though I skipped it last night. I ended up talking to a girlfriend of mine for almost an hour after my run. The chat was worth it though.

These workouts are hard! Sweat dripping off your body hard. Muscles aching for days hard. The workout where you grunt to get those last few reps in. The workout that is just what you needed.


After spending the last 6-7 months going to yoga once a week, it’s still one of my favourite workouts. It’s something my body needs as well as my mind. It’s not always easy but sure is rewarding. It’s a chance to work on my strength, push my limits sometimes and have my body feel good. My body also knows when I miss a class.



It’s fair to say that I’ve become addicted to making smoothies throughout the week for me and Lilly. She’s still not a fan of the protein powder so I don’t put it in hers. This past week I forgot to make them and Lilly got after me. Atta-girl! During dinner the other night, I quickly prepped four zip-lock bags with cut up bananas, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. I put them in the freezer and then each morning I add in oj/water, Greek yogurt, protein powder for me and sometimes other fruits as we have them. Quick and easy!

Rest Days

Oh glory rest days! Friday’s are my official rest days. As in, I do no workouts. I try to get outside daily when I’m at work for a short walk but that would be the most activity I would get on a Friday. I usually go to bed early (9 PM), I know, I know…don’t be jealous! I’m such a wild cat, ha ha. I’m really looking forward to today’s rest day as I might get up early do to my long run tomorrow. That also is determined by switching up my training plan this weekend and next!

This weekend Lilly has swimming lessons and I’m taking the girls to an ice show “Frozen on Ice”! They don’t know about it yet so it should be fun. I’m also looking forward to playing outside and getting the girls on their bikes..maybe some hopscotch! Happy Friday!

Would you switch your training weeks around? 

What’s your favourite thing right now? 

Weekend Plans?


World Litter Run Week!

Did you know it’s World Littler Run Week? Well, it is! An initiative started by Aerobics First in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

What is it?

During your runs, before a run, post run, on your own/with a group between April 13th-17th, you pick up as much trash as you can in your community.

How do I participate?

It’s pretty simple. Run, pick up trash & share it on social media with #WorldLitterRunWeek. 

worldlitterrun april 13


Well, it’s all about doing your part in cleaning up the world, one piece of litter at a time. It makes your running community (trails, roads etc.) cleaner.

Last night I had to do my 6 x 400’s and decided to take it outside on our local trail. Once that was done I kept running as I wasn’t quiet ready to wrap it up. I remembered that it was World Litter Run Week and picked up a plastic bag (I’d recommend bringing your own and wear some gloves) and trotted along picking up litter along my route.

The trail I was on was a “rails to trails” near my house. People bike, run, walk and some ATV/Snowmobile usage. It wasn’t much but it was a grocery bag full of litter that I put in the trash and got off the trails.

Join In!

So, why don’t you join in. Collect the trash on your own or with your running club/group. Take a photo or two. Then share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc., with the hashtag #WorldLitterRunWeek.

Check out all the awesome pictures of those around the world picking up litter here.

Do you ever clean up your local running trail (road etc.)?

Are you going to join in?


Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 2

Hello Tuesday!

I’m a day late getting this post together but here it is. Last week’s training for the Johnny Miles Half Marathon was pretty great!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened.

Monday April 4th: Stretch & Strength | IronStrength Workout (45 minutes) This was a good and HARD workout again. Instead of doing it all out for 5 minutes each, I did 2 rounds of each exercise. It’s what I could manage without compromising my form. I officially HATE burpees.



Tuesday: 5 k | 5 k Treadmill Run. Oh dear, this run happened after a 12 hour work day. I got home at 8 PM and decided I needed to get my run done. My husband jumped on his bike (trainer) and I on the treadmill and we both got our workouts done. BIG win for the day!


Wednesday: 5 k Tempo Run | 7 k Tempo Run {46:37}. On my treadmill (yes, again!), I ran 2 k to warm up, 4 k tempo run (increasing my speed each km), followed by 1 km cool down. It was nice to push my pace each kilometer and maintain that pace (not cheat and back off). I kept thinking “learn to run push your limits, it’s going to make you stronger”. I needed this run.

Thursday: 5 k + Strength| 1.44 km Treadmill and WeightsI really should have done this run or workout. My body was seriously exhausted and I was in a bit of a foul mood. After 1.44 km, I hit stop jumped off my treadmill and did one around of weights. (10 lbs weights: bicep curls, push press, step/lunge and something else but I can’t remember). I did some PT exercises and called it a day.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest DayNailed it. I literally did nothing all day. I had taken the day off work for some medical appointments and rested. I tried to take a nap but that failed when my husband called me. I spent the afternoon sorting the girls clothing, watching TV and then my evening was early to bed. I’m pretty sure I nailed this rest day.

Saturday: 5 k pace | 5 k Treadmill RunI love having a treadmill in my house because the MAJORITY of my running would not happen right now if I didn’t have one. Nothing amazing about this run other then I survived a full day: trip to the city and back, trip to the zoo, dinner/bed time with the girls and then I ran.

Costco $10.99 Running Skirt Win!!!!


Sunday: 10 k Long Run | 10 k Treadmill RunGood lord, I’m seriously thinking I’m going to forget how to run OUTDOORS! A FULL week of treadmill running!!!!!!! I’m really not sure the last time this happened but whatever, I got it done!


KM this week: 28.44 km

KM in this training cycle: 46

KM missed this week: 4 ish

Week #1 can be found here.

Training Plan: Hal Higdon in kilometers

I was still having some SI joint pain last week and started foam rolling more, which helped. It pain didn’t go away but it’s starting to get better each day. I got a massage yesterday which made it 95% better. My hip flexors were SUPER tight, not to mention my glutes.

Overall, I’m thrilled with this week. It was really busy with work and my husband working lots 🙂 but I managed to get it done! Another week down another week ahead of me!

Anyone training for a race, how’s it going? 

How about BOSTON? Running, watching it live or on TV? 

Do you get massages while training?

Just Listen To Your Body

Did anyone ever tell you to listen to your body? You’ll know when to slow down or stop and rest. I’ve told myself this many times “listen to your body…it will thank you later””. However, sometimes it can be challenging to listen to your own advice.

If you are new to the blog (Welcome!), I’m training for my 4th half marathon. My first was in 2006 and second was in 2014! Apparently, I took some time off long distance running and stuck with other outdoor activities and 5 k/10 k races for a few years.

In 2014, I ran twelve races! I NEVER thought I would run that many races in one year but I did and loved it. I had planned on running 3 half marathon’s in 2015 but was side lined with a hamstring injury from soccer (soccer is my first love). It took nine months to get it back to *almost* normal; almost normal enough to run a half marathon (after missing two plus other races).

I trained and ran my 3rd half marathon last October (2015) in PEI but made the rookie mistake of not taking care of myself and stretching immediately after crossing the finish line. I stood out in the cold to watch others finish while my hamstring decided to say “f-u” for not stretching. I was in severe pain for a week and it slowly went away.

Two big lessons learned: one – take care of yourself post race and two: strength training is a must.

Fast forward to this past week, which is week #2 of training for Johnny Miles Half Marathon in June. I’ve been great with all my planned workouts and did some even with some challenging work days and family days. My body is tired. I’m tired from not sleeping well. At this point, I really should have listened to my body and taken a rest day (and move around my workouts) but I didn’t.

Last night was no different. I got home with the girls (my husband was working) and had an unfortunate surprise waiting for me all over the house from our dog Maclean. After 25 minutes of cleaning that up, got dinner ready/ate, then walked the dog with the girls. I gave the girls a bath and got them to bed with the help of my husband after his shift (he’s a Paramedic).

Around 8:30 I jumped on the treadmill, which was really late for me. I was in a foul mood and really tired. My body felt okay but my mind didn’t. I.Was.Tired!!!! After 1.44 km I got off the treadmill and turned it off. I just couldn’t do it. I grabbed my weights and did a round of bicep curls, dead lifts, overhead push press, lunges up stairs etc., along with some old PT exercises for my hamstring and core.

April 8th listen to body

What I should have done? Taken the day off and just go to bed early. More than anything I needed sleep. Since today is Friday and my training plan has me on a rest day, I’m taking it. I’m tired. I need a rest.

Just because your schedule says run (swim, bike etc.) doesn’t mean you have to. Listening to your body and take a rest day. It can be more beneficial then pushing the limits. Luckily for me last night, I stopped before I let it get out of hand or injured.

When was the last time you took an unexpected rest day?

Do you push the limits with your workout or take a rest day when you really need it?

When was the last time you listened to your body?


Unknown Motivation

Sometimes it can be a challenge to motivate yourself to get out and run. It’s still cold out right now (short lived winter vortex happening) and this is one thing keeping me from running outdoors. Which, if you think about it is kinda funny because I love running in the winter…with snow/ice on the ground.

Sometimes your exhausted from your day, you are feeling lazy or you don’t have anyone to go with. And sometimes you find motivation in an unknown way!

Yesterday I worked a 12 hour day. This is not normal for my normal 9-5 day but I had to travel 2 hours to a workshop and back plus I had an evening meeting. Because of that it meant that I wouldn’t get home until 8 pm. I was exhausted.

My husband had planned to get on his bike (indoor trainer) after he got the girls to bed. When I arrived at home (7:50 pm), I was exhausted and was still thinking I’d jump on the treadmill but wasn’t 100% sold on the idea.

As Saï was getting his bike gear on, I decided to put my running gear on and head down to the basement as well. I really wanted to run but I was so exhausted from my day that sitting on the couch and watching some TV sounded delightful!


Instead, I jumped on the treadmill after being motivated by my husband. I’m not sure if he knew that he was motivating ME to run while HE biked….but he did. Thanks love.

Another 5 k done in my half marathon training.

What has motivated you lately?

Do you workout with your significant other?

Happy Hump Day!