Rookie Moment & March.

Last week I had a rookie moment…you know that moment when you just shake your head at yourself because you feel like you should know better (and you do).

I started training for my 4th half marathon with a strength training workout last week. It was super hard but extremely effective. The second day had me running 5k but I was off work that day and wanted to go to yoga. I decided I’d go to yoga and run that night…no problem, I can handle a double workout day (so I thought).

I struggled slightly through my yoga class as the night before’s workout left me sore all over…but I did it and felt great. As the afternoon when on my energy level decreased and my desire to run wasn’t there. Honestly, I could barely function I was so exhausted!  So, I decided not to run and go to bed early – best decision ever!

As I hit DAY 3 of training I was still super sore from Monday’s workout and hadn’t even ran yet, I felt like such a rookie. My run was great (5 x 400’s) on the treadmill though I messed up and only did 4 x 400’s. Ahh well…one day at a time.




I really can’t believe it’s April already. I’m 100% ready for spring weather, green grass growing and flowers blooming. March was a pretty good month, though busy with work at the beginning. We enjoyed Lilly’s first March break and Saï has been really busy with work…HERE 🙂 We’ve sure been loving having him home at the end of his shift; tucking in the girls for bedtime and for me just being able to spend more time together. I kept up my “building my base” and starting using a training plan for Johnny Miles Half.

March Mileage


As for this month, I’m just wanting to enjoy half marathon training and get better sleep. I need more sleep. Last night I was in bed before 9 PM and didn’t get up until 8 AM when my girls were begging for breakfast (fair enough).

When was your last rookie moment?

How was your March?

Any April goals?

6 thoughts on “Rookie Moment & March.

  1. Rookie moment? Gosh, after almost 11 years of running, one would think those moments would be in my distant past….but they occur frequently. I can’t cite a specific one, but for me they occur when I (momentarily) take the running/training/racing stuff for granted and get kind of cocky (over-confident) about it….cutting training runs short, spontaneously doing a distance race without training for it, starting out too fast then crashing a few miles before the finish line, etc. Rookie moments happen to all of us, and they certainly keep us humble 😉

  2. That must be so lovely having your husband at home! My focus for the next two weeks is also to get more sleep and I’m sure once the marathon is done I’ll be snoozing like a baby!

    Hopefully I’ll be able to cheer you at Johnny!

  3. Last major rookie moment was right before I got injured (or rather, the reason why I got injured). I finished Chicago Marathon and then ran like 3 half marathons right after. Dumb Helly.

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