Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week #1

Just like that, week 1 of half marathon training is done 🙂 It started off pretty good and then I just needed a little more sleep than running.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened.

Monday March 28th: Stretch & Strength | IronStrength Workout (50 minutes). Let me tell you that this workout is NO JOKE! I printed it from the IronStrength book I have and kept that in front of me to stay on track.WHAT a workout! Yes, I did it near the fire for some silly reason. Hoping it gets easier as the weeks pass by.


Tuesday: 5k | Yoga. Went to yoga class at lunch time and it was great! Though my body was sore from Monday’s workout, it was just what I needed. I planned to run 5k that night but my body was just to exhausted so I went to bed early.

Wednesday: 5 x 400 @ 5 k pace | 4 x 400’s Treadmill (5k). Well, I may have missed the last 400 but I managed to figure out how to do  400’s on the treadmill. I had a little help from some running friends (figuring out my pace in km for the treadmill and what level to be at). It looked like this:

  1. Warm up 10 minute easy running
  2. 400 in 2:xx at level 9.5 (I forgot to write it down)
  3. 400 in 2:34 (level 10)
  4. 400 in 2:24 (level 11)
  5. 400 in 2:04 (level 12.5)
  6. Cool down for 10 minutes.

I had a book with me on the treadmill to keep track of my times and quickly realised that I needed one piece of paper while I did my 400’s. I made the mistake of only writing down numbers 1 through 4, therefore I totally missed the 5th round. When I finished the fourth one, I even though…I could do another one but didn’t…and did a cool down run to finish off 5k. After stretching I saw what I did wrong…man, was I mad at myself!

Thursday: 5 k + Strength| 5k + Modified IronStrength (35 minutes). My running buddy Krystol messaged me to see if I was able to run with her Thursday evening…and I WAS! Another benefit of Sai being home 🙂 We went out for an easy 5k and then spent 35 minutes doing a modified IronStrength workout. It was great to do both the run and workout with her….lots of chatting, laughs and maybe a few swear words (from me).


Friday: Rest Day! | Rest Day! Nailed it 🙂

Saturday: 5 k | Nothing. Rough day so I went to bed before 9 PM! I really needed the sleep so I was okay with missing my run.

Sunday: 8k Long Run | 8k Treadmill Run. After a rough day with the girls, meal prepping, grocery shopping, baking/cooking, I somehow manged to get in an 8k run on the treadmill. It was super slow and steady for the first 4k and then I was able to increase/decrease my speed until 7km. The last km I just kept increasing my speed until I was flat out sprinting. 58:52.


KM this week: 18

KM in this training cycle: 18

KM missed: 10 (yikes!)

Training Plan: Hal Higdon Intermediate.

I’ve been struggling with some SI joint pain over the last two weeks which is slowly getting better. I’m hoping it doesn’t get as bad as it was a few years back. Other then that, I’m moving on to week two!

How was your weekend?

Anyone training, how’s it going?

How often do your old injuries occur?