Just Listen To Your Body

Did anyone ever tell you to listen to your body? You’ll know when to slow down or stop and rest. I’ve told myself this many times “listen to your body…it will thank you later””. However, sometimes it can be challenging to listen to your own advice.

If you are new to the blog (Welcome!), I’m training for my 4th half marathon. My first was in 2006 and second was in 2014! Apparently, I took some time off long distance running and stuck with other outdoor activities and 5 k/10 k races for a few years.

In 2014, I ran twelve races! I NEVER thought I would run that many races in one year but I did and loved it. I had planned on running 3 half marathon’s in 2015 but was side lined with a hamstring injury from soccer (soccer is my first love). It took nine months to get it back to *almost* normal; almost normal enough to run a half marathon (after missing two plus other races).

I trained and ran my 3rd half marathon last October (2015) in PEI but made the rookie mistake of not taking care of myself and stretching immediately after crossing the finish line. I stood out in the cold to watch others finish while my hamstring decided to say “f-u” for not stretching. I was in severe pain for a week and it slowly went away.

Two big lessons learned: one – take care of yourself post race and two: strength training is a must.

Fast forward to this past week, which is week #2 of training for Johnny Miles Half Marathon in June. I’ve been great with all my planned workouts and did some even with some challenging work days and family days. My body is tired. I’m tired from not sleeping well. At this point, I really should have listened to my body and taken a rest day (and move around my workouts) but I didn’t.

Last night was no different. I got home with the girls (my husband was working) and had an unfortunate surprise waiting for me all over the house from our dog Maclean. After 25 minutes of cleaning that up, got dinner ready/ate, then walked the dog with the girls. I gave the girls a bath and got them to bed with the help of my husband after his shift (he’s a Paramedic).

Around 8:30 I jumped on the treadmill, which was really late for me. I was in a foul mood and really tired. My body felt okay but my mind didn’t. I.Was.Tired!!!! After 1.44 km I got off the treadmill and turned it off. I just couldn’t do it. I grabbed my weights and did a round of bicep curls, dead lifts, overhead push press, lunges up stairs etc., along with some old PT exercises for my hamstring and core.

April 8th listen to body

What I should have done? Taken the day off and just go to bed early. More than anything I needed sleep. Since today is Friday and my training plan has me on a rest day, I’m taking it. I’m tired. I need a rest.

Just because your schedule says run (swim, bike etc.) doesn’t mean you have to. Listening to your body and take a rest day. It can be more beneficial then pushing the limits. Luckily for me last night, I stopped before I let it get out of hand or injured.

When was the last time you took an unexpected rest day?

Do you push the limits with your workout or take a rest day when you really need it?

When was the last time you listened to your body?


18 thoughts on “Just Listen To Your Body

  1. During my training for around the bay, I got sick 3 separate times. Three colds in three months. Each time it was a struggle to convince myself that it wasn’t worth running so I could rest up and get better faster. It’s tough but sometimes, like you said, it’s best to listen to your body.

      • Yeah it was pretty rough. Normally I barely got one cold per winter in the past. I blame marking student’s labs and my boyfriend also. Around the bay is a lot of fun, and it’s a good challenge to go further than a half marathon.

  2. You are so right, listening to your body is key to keeping out of injuries. I used to be like full head force into everything, forgetting, to stretch, not really caring if I was in good shape or not I would attempt everything. Then I got a really bad back injury and ended up pinching a nerve in my leg and it fell a sleep it was so scary!!! Now I’m super careful about my back and I stretching a lot.

  3. Agree. But also don’t always do it. But last night swapped a run for a long and thorough yoga session. Hopefully it was the right decision. Time will tel…

  4. I feel like I am the 2016 queen of unexpected rest days!!! That is one of the surprise perks??? lol that comes with my job I guess. I’ve been really sick twice this winter and dealing with a cranky hip. I’ve taken so many rest days training for Boston but I’m not letting it mess with my head. I’ve learned that I NEED those days off to recover.

  5. Agreed! I say listen to your body, but with a healthy degree of skepticism. Like everything in life! You’ll know when it is telling you that you really do need to take a load off. Or, hopefully!

  6. I mostly listen to my body, but sometimes I push it just in case it’s wrong. Then I usually end up with an injury that sidelines me for a month or so and then I wonder why I didn’t listen to my body. You’d think I’d learn.

  7. I think you did the right thing – I think it’s fantastic that you acknowledged you were tired, but got on the treadmill anyway. And I think it’s even better that you stopped. I think by starting you proved to yourself that you legitimately needed the extra rest! I usually start my workout no matter what but I will stop if it doesn’t feel so good to make sure it really is a fatigue thing, not a motivation thing. I haven’t taken a rest day in awhile, but I’m feeling a few this week leading up to my race for sure. I can’t wait!

    • I’m so happy I stopped running, my body really needed it. I wanted to get the run in but I didn’t want it to lead to another injury or messing up my hamstring again. We don’t need to experience that!
      Boston is going to be great, you deserve a rest right now!

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