Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 2

Hello Tuesday!

I’m a day late getting this post together but here it is. Last week’s training for the Johnny Miles Half Marathon was pretty great!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened.

Monday April 4th: Stretch & Strength | IronStrength Workout (45 minutes) This was a good and HARD workout again. Instead of doing it all out for 5 minutes each, I did 2 rounds of each exercise. It’s what I could manage without compromising my form. I officially HATE burpees.



Tuesday: 5 k | 5 k Treadmill Run. Oh dear, this run happened after a 12 hour work day. I got home at 8 PM and decided I needed to get my run done. My husband jumped on his bike (trainer) and I on the treadmill and we both got our workouts done. BIG win for the day!


Wednesday: 5 k Tempo Run | 7 k Tempo Run {46:37}. On my treadmill (yes, again!), I ran 2 k to warm up, 4 k tempo run (increasing my speed each km), followed by 1 km cool down. It was nice to push my pace each kilometer and maintain that pace (not cheat and back off). I kept thinking “learn to run push your limits, it’s going to make you stronger”. I needed this run.

Thursday: 5 k + Strength| 1.44 km Treadmill and WeightsI really should have done this run or workout. My body was seriously exhausted and I was in a bit of a foul mood. After 1.44 km, I hit stop jumped off my treadmill and did one around of weights. (10 lbs weights: bicep curls, push press, step/lunge and something else but I can’t remember). I did some PT exercises and called it a day.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest DayNailed it. I literally did nothing all day. I had taken the day off work for some medical appointments and rested. I tried to take a nap but that failed when my husband called me. I spent the afternoon sorting the girls clothing, watching TV and then my evening was early to bed. I’m pretty sure I nailed this rest day.

Saturday: 5 k pace | 5 k Treadmill RunI love having a treadmill in my house because the MAJORITY of my running would not happen right now if I didn’t have one. Nothing amazing about this run other then I survived a full day: trip to the city and back, trip to the zoo, dinner/bed time with the girls and then I ran.

Costco $10.99 Running Skirt Win!!!!


Sunday: 10 k Long Run | 10 k Treadmill RunGood lord, I’m seriously thinking I’m going to forget how to run OUTDOORS! A FULL week of treadmill running!!!!!!! I’m really not sure the last time this happened but whatever, I got it done!


KM this week: 28.44 km

KM in this training cycle: 46

KM missed this week: 4 ish

Week #1 can be found here.

Training Plan: Hal Higdon in kilometers

I was still having some SI joint pain last week and started foam rolling more, which helped. It pain didn’t go away but it’s starting to get better each day. I got a massage yesterday which made it 95% better. My hip flexors were SUPER tight, not to mention my glutes.

Overall, I’m thrilled with this week. It was really busy with work and my husband working lots 🙂 but I managed to get it done! Another week down another week ahead of me!

Anyone training for a race, how’s it going? 

How about BOSTON? Running, watching it live or on TV? 

Do you get massages while training?

17 thoughts on “Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 2

  1. Massage is really helpful for SIJ, as well as needling the ligament within. That helped me out!
    The number one rule about Boston is do not talk about Boston…. oh wait everyone is. I have to be happy for them, but it is a punch in the gut.

  2. Great job Anna. Love how both you and your husband worked out together.
    Yes, to big race…Boston. So that answers question 2. 😉
    Yes, to massage. Had one today. I have really tight hips as well and a weak glute mead.

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