World Litter Run Week!

Did you know it’s World Littler Run Week? Well, it is! An initiative started by Aerobics First in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

What is it?

During your runs, before a run, post run, on your own/with a group between April 13th-17th, you pick up as much trash as you can in your community.

How do I participate?

It’s pretty simple. Run, pick up trash & share it on social media with #WorldLitterRunWeek. 

worldlitterrun april 13


Well, it’s all about doing your part in cleaning up the world, one piece of litter at a time. It makes your running community (trails, roads etc.) cleaner.

Last night I had to do my 6 x 400’s and decided to take it outside on our local trail. Once that was done I kept running as I wasn’t quiet ready to wrap it up. I remembered that it was World Litter Run Week and picked up a plastic bag (I’d recommend bringing your own and wear some gloves) and trotted along picking up litter along my route.

The trail I was on was a “rails to trails” near my house. People bike, run, walk and some ATV/Snowmobile usage. It wasn’t much but it was a grocery bag full of litter that I put in the trash and got off the trails.

Join In!

So, why don’t you join in. Collect the trash on your own or with your running club/group. Take a photo or two. Then share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc., with the hashtag #WorldLitterRunWeek.

Check out all the awesome pictures of those around the world picking up litter here.

Do you ever clean up your local running trail (road etc.)?

Are you going to join in?