Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 3

It’s a big day for some people in BOSTON! I can’t even imaging how excited, nervous, anxious all those runners are. Good luck to all those running Boston, especially Kyla, Heather and Andrew!

Now back to little old me reality…half marathon training 🙂 I don’t know about you, but we just had the most amazing weather on the weekend. Well, Saturday was a bust with cooler temps and a few flurries to make us all freak out but Sunday was gorgeous! We got outside for some bike riding and bubble blowing! I even managed to sneak in a long run!

Biking weather.


What was Planned vs What Really Happened.

Monday April 11th: Stretch & Strength | Massage. No workouts for me today as I had an appointment for a massage. My SI joint and hip flexors were giving sore so I though a massage would help…and it did immediately!  It was worth missing my evening strength training to feel better.

Tuesday: 6k | Yoga. I went to yoga class at lunch time and that helped my back/SI joint as well. I had planned to run that evening but complete wasted my night. However, my husband did jump on his bike – so a win for him 🙂

Wednesday: 6 x 400’s | 6 x 400’s + 2-3k more (8k total ran)This was a great run! All day I had planned to do it on the treadmill and last minute I took it outside to our local trail. The trail is just over 1km from our house so I used that as a warm up.

I did 3 x 400 along the trail with 30-60 seconds of rest in between and then turned around and did that again. Once I finished that I just wanted to keep running and thought I could get in 6-7k in total for the day. I remembered it was #worldlitterrunweek so I picked up a bag and started trotting along my run picking up litter.

Eventually, I turned around and put the whole bag in the trash at a local grocery store but still had to run the 1km home. In the end, I ran 8k. It was a successful 6 x 400 and run in general.

Thursday: 5 k + Strength| 5kNo strength training. I had planned on doing a double workout once the girls were in bed but life happens. My husband was working and when I got home our dog had not one but two accidents in the house 😦 Off the girls went to play with our neighbour while I cleaned it up and then made dinner. We were running behind all night and I didn’t start my run until 8:25 PM. I finished my 5k and turned off the treadmill and my phone rang; an old high school friend of mine. I thought about doing the strength training while chatting with her but I just wanted to sit chat and listen. So worth it.

Friday: Rest Day! | Rest Day! I just love Fridays! I think I was on a high all day because I knew I wasn’t doing ANYTHING that evening. I painted my nails and got caught up on Grey’s.

Matchy match totally unplanned.


Saturday: Rest Day | 11k Long run. Nailed it. Okay, I didn’t nail this run at all. I started my run at 6:45 AM – that was a BIG win! It was terrible after 4k! I didn’t fuel properly and took nothing with me. It was cold but the temperature wasn’t bothering me, nor the route I ran. It was just physically HARD!

The face of struggle post run!


I did managed to run up two challenging inclines/hill. The first incline I always dread as it just goes on for days. Honestly, you wouldn’t even notice that it’s an incline until you run/walk it. The second challenge was a hill just over 1km from my house. I was hurting but just kept saying “run to this point and then see how you are doing”. Which turned into “I can do hard things” and then “just a littler further and you can rest”.

I trotted home to my girls and my vegan husband who made me THE BEST scrambled eggs with cheese and toast with peanut butter. Lilly and Hilary stretched with me and then I gobbled up my food before a quick shower as Lilly has morning swimming lessons.

Sunday: 5k Race | IronStrengthI managed to get in a 45 minute IronStrength workout Sunday evening. I still hate burpees and my arms feel like jello as I type this AND I’m probably going to hurt tomorrow. It’s all good!


KM this week: 24 km

KM in this training cycle: 70 km 

Overall: I feel good about last week even with missing a 6k and then struggling through an 11k when I was only supposed to race 6k. I’m hoping to run a 5k race next Sunday.

My SI joint is still bothering me, however the massage on Monday made it feel amazing and took away the pain immediately. I’m planning to book in with my Osteopath later this week, which will mean 2-3 days of rest/light activity. This could be good timing with week 4’s training plan. We’ll see!

Links for Training PlanWeek #1, Week #2 in case you missed them!

How was your weekend?

Anyone run? 

Who’s watching the Boston Marathon today? now anyone running?