Cooler Morning Run

I finally feel like I’m moving the right direction with running during this training cycle. I’m really looking forward to running my 4th half marathon in June but I keep forgetting I have a 10k on May 22nd as well.

Today’s long run was supposed to be 13k. My last long run was two weeks ago since I was sick last weekend and that 11k was horrible. I went to bed earlier this week, which is key for me and I also brought some water and GU with me. Yup, it’s back to running with GU, chocolate of course 🙂

I got up at 6:30 and the whole house was up…so much for sneaking out while they slept. My husband had to work and since I was at a Hiking conference the day before, my Dad was down. He stayed to watch the girls while I ran (I’m so lucky to have great parents).

I planned to be out running at 7AM but it was closer to 7:30, meh….that’s life. As I started running I was thinking about what pace I wanted to run at Johnny Miles Half in June and figured 6:15/km would be good goal. In October last year, I ran 6:20/km as my goal and pretty much nailed that so I figured I’d aim for 6:15 in hopes I’d run a little faster (haha!).

I set out on a cold morning wishing I had my gloves on that I left behind last minute. Ahh well, I kept running. The sun was shining down but it was still cold, I was really glad I had on a tank top, long sleeve shirt and jacket…not to mention my Nuun visor and sunglasses.

I was feeling great, trekking up long inclines and dodging pot holes on the side of the road when not on the road (highway). I took at GU around 39 minutes in with some water and kept going. I had to turn around and then face the one incline that I absolutely HATE! Hate is a strong word but that’s how I feel about it.

Somehow I nailed that incline and managed to recover at the top and keep going. A little water here, 1-2 walking breaks to rest for a few seconds but I kept going. The last kilometer would have me running up a good but short hill but still would have to run more than 1/2 a km until I was done 13k.

I glided up the hill with ease and then the effort hit me hard at the top so I walked a few steps but picked up running again. I pick up my pace and finish my long run strong without my jacket or buff around my neck as it was now really warm. I felt great. I felt happy. I finally felt like I’m on the right path with my pace.

May 1st Running

It’s not by luck, it’s by sticking as close to my training plan as possible and increasing my strength training with IronStrength workouts twice a week. It’s working for me. My hamstring *knock on wood* is feeling wonderful but my SI joint is still a little unhappy. Notice I said a little? I’ve been foam rolling like it’s going out of style and it’s reliving the pulling pain around my SI joint.

I ran 10k around 1:02:xx today but hoping I can run the Bluenose Marathon 10k (May 22nd) a little faster. If I can run 10k in an hour and two minutes, I’m hoping to be able to run my half under 2:10…that’s what I am now working towards 🙂

I’m off to go hiking with the girls because riding their bicycles this morning wasn’t enough activity for them!

How is your Sunday going?

Do you focus on pace often during training? 

What’s your number one tip to increase your pace?

10 thoughts on “Cooler Morning Run

  1. Happy for Anna. I am late getting outside this morning but some school assignments have kept me locked inside on this beautiful day. Soon headed out for a run.
    One tip I would suggest is not stopping at the top of a hill. If you can power through once you reach the top it will make you stronger. They are hard I know but eventually, it will get better with more and more practice.
    Oh and I do focus on pace while training. And to increase your pace for a race I make sure that I don’t get caught in the crowd when I start running so I can keep a good pace at the end of my race. I also find someone in the group of runners and tell myself that before the end of the race I want to try and pass he or she. 🙂
    Enjoy your hike and time with the girls.

    • Thanks Kyla!
      That’s usually my strategy (of not stopping at the top) which I managed on the other inclines but that last one was just rough. And a good reminder of picking someone out in the race to pass – been a while since I did that one. Going to try that at Bluenose in a few weeks!
      Our hike was great! Hope your run was!

  2. That’s great your dad can watch the girls while you run, so sweet! I got out late for a run today too when I realized I was out of sunblock and had to run out and buy some first – whoops! I tend to focus on pace more during tempo runs and weekly short runs, but not worry about it so much when I’m pushing the distance. Treadmill tempo runs have actually helped my pace a lot, I can force myself to maintain a target pace for intervals much easier knowing it’s for a shorter amount of time.

  3. I keep forgetting I have a 10K too. Mine is on May 22 too 🙂 Good on you for early morning run. I am still trying to get back into morning runs. I just love sleeping in ….

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