Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 6

Half way done training!! I’m not sure what was going on last week but I just felt like I had no oomph in my runs. I did them, I was happy I did them, they were challenging which was great but I was just lacking oomph/excitement in them.

This week (#7) has started off rough as I’ve come down with some kind of stomach bug. I missed last night’s workout but I’m okay (so far) with that.

What Was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday May 2nd: Stretch & Strengthen | IronStrength Workout. Good workout. I’m not sure if this is getting easier but some of the exercises aren’t as hard. I’ve tried to add more reps per exercise but feeling like I need to change it up so I don’t get bored with it.

Got some new kicks (a while back) and starting to break them in!


Tuesday: 6k | 6k  Treadmill runNothing magical happened on this run. It was boring but I was happy that I got it done. (40:01 on the treadmill)

Wednesday: 40 minute tempo run | 40:29 minute tempo run + CORE workOddly enough, I was a tad bit slower on this “tempo” run then Tuesday night’s run. I have no idea why as I felt I worked harder on this run then Tuesdays!


Thursday: 5k + Strengthen | Rest Day. I just wasn’t feeling it after a long day so I decided not to run and take a rest day.

Friday: Rest Day | 5k .  I wanted to make up for it Thursday night’s missed run and strength training so I did 5k but skipped on the strength training.

Saturday: 7k | Rest Day. I’m not running 7k the day before a long run as I wanted fresh legs). After chaning the last few days up, I was going to do some yoga today but I was so busy with the girls (my husband was working) that I figured all the walking and activity we did was enough of an active rest day for me.

Sunday: 14k | 14k.  I was really looking forward to this run. I got up early and was out the door at 7:15 on Mother’s Day. I ran out on the main highway but decided to add in as many extra hills as I could. That ended up being 4 hills of various lengths and inclines.

It was a good run. I took a GU at 35 minutes and then at 1:02, ran 97% of the time, drank my Nuun and water just as I was finishing my run. The worst part of it was during the last 1/2 km as I pushed up the 5th hill (planned) and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my body. I physically had to stop and walk to calm down. I was just feeling miserable all of a sudden.

I got home to my little family, stretched and showered. My second breakfast was being made for me…bacon, eggs and toast. Yes, my VEGAN husband made me BACON and EGGS with a little help from the girls.

May 14th run

About 2 hours post run I felt miserable. I made the girls lunch, plunked them in front of the TV (not something we’d normally do) and I took a power nap beside them. Later that afternoon I took the girls out for ice cream (Saï was sleeping as he had a night shift) and then to a school playground for a while. We got to spend a little time with Saï before he left for work and then had dinner with my parents. Lobster = yum!

I’m still feeling ill, like I’ve come down with a stomach bug. Super tired as I was up most of the night with Hilary (she’s got a head cold). So…as mentioned above, week 7 isn’t starting off great.

How’s Training Going? I’m pretty happy with my training so far. I’m feeling stronger even though last week wasn’t every motivating for me. I’m noticing a difference in my body, as in I’m toning up/shedding a pound or two. My pace is all over the place from 6:30 to 6:10 or 5:55/km depending on the day.

More importantly, I’m hamstring is feeling strong and my SI Joint is finally 98% happy due to foam rolling daily. I’m on the right track!

KM ran this week: 31 km

KM during training cycle: 227 km

If you missed week #5, check it out here.

How was your weekend?

Anyone race? Mother’s Day run?



15 thoughts on “Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 6

  1. I hope you recover from the stomach bus asap! Sending positive vibes! Yesterday, I’ve struggled with the something similar. It wasn’t a lack of motivation though, but more of a feeling of being intimidated by my upcoming long run this week, but I feel like I’ve come to peace with this internal struggle.

    PS. It was my first Mother’s Day. I was overwhelmed by love. I think it’s my favourite holiday now 😀

    One Run At A Time, Or How To Avoid Toxic Thoughts:

  2. Oh man, looks like we both had a rough Mother’s Day. I was soooo sick (still am but better). Hope you’re feeling better! Great week and that breakfast looked amazing!!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better. I took a week break after week 4 of the training plan and intend to again after week 8. I still have loads of time til my half and have learned that if I don’t build in the breaks, my body will do it for me

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