Runner Down & Out

Awww man, I’m down and out with a nasty head cold 😦

After feeling ill on Mother’s Day and it getting worse Monday, I took the afternoon off to sleep. I skipped my workout and slept more that night. Tuesday I managed to go to yoga at lunch which was great but that made my SI joint unhappy again.

With a sore throat starting Tuesday night (long day at work, trip to the vet for Maclean who’s a little sick but okay), I laced up my sneakers at 8:45ish. Who does that? Seriously!!! The plan was 7k and it happened slow and steady – it was great!

may 10

I had on my Night Runner 270 lights which I’m still loving and managed to finish my run. All day Wednesday my body was achy, my head hurt, my throat was sore and I was stuffed up. So, my 8 x 400 workout was put off and I went to bed super early. Sure hoping to shake this head cold that Hilary shared with me.

Msy 10 2

One thing I noticed on my run Tuesday night are the number of runners AND walkers who wear black! Seriously, don’t do that. Wear something bright, reflective or carry a flashlight. I almost ran into two people walking in front of me because I couldn’t see them in the distance. Be seen people, BE SEEN!

What’s the latest you’ve run outside?

What’s your number 1 (or 2) item you wear when running in the dark? 

13 thoughts on “Runner Down & Out

  1. I hope you feel better soon! I truly don’t understand people who are on the roads at night wearing black, with no lights or reflective stuff. And then sometimes they’re running on the wrong side of the road too. Seriously?! Do they have a death wish or something??

  2. Feel better soon!

    There is this woman who walks along my road every morning, which is great – except she wears all black. It’s fine now that it’s light out in the morning but it scares me all winter long! No reflective gear, nothing!! Just…why?

  3. Boo to colds, feel better soon! And YES being seen is so important!! I go overboard with bright colors and lights and reflective bits when I run at night… better obnoxious and safe! 😉

  4. Wow, if they’re hard to see when you’re running near them, they must be insanely hard to see if driving, people amaze me with being out in dark clothes. Ugh.

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