Sunday Runday

I wasn’t sure if Sunday Runday was going to happen this week for many reasons.

One, my husband was away so the thought of 15k on the treadmill wasn’t  appealing but I was willing to do it if it meant I’d get my run in. Two, I was sick all week with a nasty head cold (miss 1.5 days of work) that seemed to take over my body.

Having said that, I had the best long run in a while! No, it wasn’t because of my pace. In fact my pace was the slowest I’ve run in months.

There were many factors. The fact that my neighbour took the girls so I could run outside for almost 2 hours. Or, it could have been the fact that I just wanted to get out and run since it had been 4 days of rest. It could have been the route I ran which was different then my normal “sunday runday” runs.

Let’s be honest, I’m 100% confident it was because I ran it with my running buddy, Krystol. It’s been a while since we ran together. She could have run earlier in the day but joined me at 11 when my neighbour could watch the girls (they played in the mud, watered plants, met more neighbours, ate Popsicles at the other neighbours house and ran around outside for almost 2 hours).

Krystol had spent the day before on her feet volunteering at our Youth Run, then took photos for 5 hours to raise money for the Wildlife Rehab she is running for next week at the Bluenose Marathon (Half). She was tired and felt achy from standing all day….but still ran with me.

May 15th run

We ran, we walked. We did rolling hills and ran in the woods on a trail. She shared her Honey Singer Chews and I tried to convince her to eat some of my OLD jelly beans with no luck. We finished 15k in 1:44:xx. It wasn’t about the pace but getting in the distance with great company.

Thanks Krystol for a great run, I pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it that far. An added bonus….I clean breath a little better 🙂

How was your weekend?

Anyone run today? (Or running this evening?)

Do you have a running buddy that makes your long runs SO much better?

9 thoughts on “Sunday Runday

  1. Awe! It was an awesome day, so glad we made it out. Who cares about pace when we get to chat for nearly two hours and then more after. Best reason to run! It was great, and my knees feel WAY LESS achy than they did before or during running, so bonus for both of us feeling better!

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