Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 7

Okay folks…week 7 wasn’t not what I had planned. What a doozy! 

I started off the week by leaving work early as I wasn’t feeling well and slept. That didn’t help much. Then a little yoga, late night running (starting at 8:45pm), a nasty head cold and then finally managed to get in a run finished off my week #7 of training.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday May 9th: Stretch & Strengthen | BedI left work early as I was just feeling sick. If you read last week’s recap, you’d notice after my 14k long run I was feeling terrible. Honestly, it was like how I felt at Mud Hero in 2013 which is why I’d never do that type of race again. My own fault but that feeling …I never want to feel that way again. Unfortunately, that’s how I felt last Sunday post run. 

Tuesday: 7k | Yoga + 7k . I was feeling okay and managed to go to yoga class, though my SI joint didn’t like this, my mind/body felt better. Later that night I had to take our dog to the vet and when I got home my husband had to run an errand. That left me with the treadmill or to wait until he was back.

I thought I’d just jump on the treadmill and then last minute I said screw that and started my run at 8:45 pm when he got home. I wore my new Physiclo capris which forced me to run slower (review to come later this week). 

It was a fantastic run. Just what I needed. I felt great!

Msy 10 2

Wednesday: 8 x 800’s at 5k pace | Sick.  The day started off okay and plummeted fast but late afternoon. No running…no nothing for me but bed.

Thursday: 5k + Strengthen | Sick. Stayed home from work and slept. That’s it. No running.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day/Sick. Nailed it! Well, this was by pure luck. Just kidding. Again, home sick in the afternoon…slept…a…lot.

Saturday:  7k | Sick. This was a busy day and though I was finally starting to feel better, I knew I didn’t have anything in me to workout. I randomly did 10 squats thinking I’d try to do mini-workouts throughout the day but that didn’t happen again.

Sunday RUNDAY: 14k | 15k This was a great run. I planned on running 15k this week since next week’s 16k will be a 10k race. Changing long runs up a bit. Saï was away all weekend so it was either treadmill running (long runs = yuck) or outside somehow. Luckily, my neighbour loves our girls and took them for 2 hours (thank-you E). 

I wasn’t too sure how this run was going to go as my running buddy, Krystol and I had planned on rolling hills for 7 km x 2 loops. We started our run at 11 AM as that’s when my neighbour could watch the girls (let them play in the mud and eat Popsicles). 

May 15th run

I tried to hydrate and eat well before starting my long run as I only had two of my least favourite flavoured Gu’s/Jelly Beans on hand for the run. Within minutes of running I needed to pee. Around 2km in I jumped in the ditch and went…. relief! I’ve never done that during a run.

Gu and beans.jpg

Anyway, we managed both loops and then cut into the woods for a little trail running and finished off the last 2km on an out-and-back hill. Though our paces were terrible it was a fantastic run after being so sick. No complaints only great mileage completed with my running buddy. You can read more about it here if you missed yesterday’s post!

KM ran this week: 22km

KM during training cycle:  249 km

What Would I Do Different? At this point, I’m still happy with my training plan. Though I’ve basically dropped the run the day before my long run…I’m fine with that. I don’t want to be running 5 days a week right now. Not changing anything now.

How I’m Feeling? Well, now that I’m getting over the nasty head cold…I’m feeling good about my training plan. I have a 10k race next week at Bluenose in Halifax and feeling on track for Johnny Miles in June (despite missing lots of training this week).

What’s Up Next? Feeling better, getting stronger (cross training) with my IronStrength workouts and enjoying next week’s race.

If you missed last week, check week #6 out here.

How was your weekend?

Training, racing or just running for fun these days?

Favourite running fuel? (Chews, chomps or Gu’s…something else?)









8 thoughts on “Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 7

  1. So glad that you are starting to feel better. It is hard to be a mom and be sick and then to add training in, you have a lot going on. I almost jumped off my race course this weekend and went in the woods. I was so tempted. It will happen some day, I am sure of it!

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