Let’s Get Physiclo, Physiclo!

Recently I was approached by Physiclo to test out a pair of their running pants. I was able to choose between full pants or capris and I figured with the upcoming spring/summer temps, capris would be best.

What is Physiclo?

“These one-of-a-kind compression capris feature built-in resistance technology to make your workouts more productive than ever. Whether you’re running, cycling, or squatting, amplify your normal routine with a pair of Physiclo resistance capris and prepare to feel the burn. These functional workout capris are sleek, breathable, and designed to make you work harder with every step. The inner elastic layers act like resistance bands around your legs, helping you get stronger, fitter, faster” ~Physiclo

april 20th run

My Thoughts

When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find a shirt in the box with the size Large capris, which I wore on my first run. These pants are no joke! I found them challenging to put on but managed okay. The resistance bands on on the inside so you don’t see them but you can feel them. First, they felt odd but once I got running I almost didn’t notice the resistance bands.

To be completely honest, I was running super-fast with these capris on…even uphills. It was the fasted km’s I had run in a long time. What it the pants? Or was it me? Well, after a conversation with Frank (Co-founder)– it wasn’t the pants, it was me. They are supposed to make running harder not easier.

I also wasn’t too sure about the waist band and felt like they would fall down while I was running (remember, I had received a size large). If I bent over, they kind of rolled down so I’d have to pull them up again. I also found they had too much material for me in the front and would bunch. I had a conversation with Frank and he felt that I really should have gone with a size medium and sent that size off to me. Time to compare!


PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The medium pants arrived (with another t-shirt) and I gave the pants a go for a second time. Now, this time the capris were REALLY hard to get on. {Picture putting on your pants with no hands – that’s how I felt}. I don’t have slim legs and have what I could call a plump butt, so I really wasn’t sure I was even going to get these things on my legs.

The key to these pants is to remember they are compression pants AND have resistance bands in them at the hip/thigh area. I felt like I was doing a dance to get these pants on…lunges…squats even. It sure was entertaining but I got them on and they fit way better, no bunching and didn’t feel like they would fall down. But, I did.

This run was harder than the first run I did. My mind and body just wanted to go but physically, I just couldn’t go any faster. The resistance bands did exactly what they were supposed to do. After my run, I felt great but the next day my legs felt more tired/sore than normal. I also found the waist-band on the medium pants “just not enough”.

I had a few more conversations with Frank and said that the waist-band seemed to short or thin. Almost not high enough on the waist. He said they had similar feedback and thought about putting more material there and a zipper on the side. I figure any company that is willing to take feedback (consistently) and make improvements is dedicating to making a solid product.

Overall, I liked these capris. They are pricey at $95-$125 US but if you are serious about using tools/equipment to improve your running, fitness etc., these would be a good addition. Will I wear them again? Yes, but not on all my runs. For me, I think I will like them best on shorter runs between 5 – 8k and will more than likely use them weekly.


  • Comfortable while running
  • Provide resistance to your runs
  • Solid material (durable)
  • A company willing to work with you.


  • Hard to get on.
  • Sizing was a little tricky to figure out (but I find that is the case with many online shopping sizing).

For more information check out Physiclo here Please note: these are strictly my opinions and thoughts. Thank you Physiclo for providing the capris product to review.

Would you give these a try?

Do you use compression pants/capris/shorts when you run/workout?


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physiclo, Physiclo!

  1. Sounds like too much work! lol I don’t think I would unless someone gave them to me for free. The only thing that is going to help me run better is a healthy body! No piece of equipment is going to change that in my opinion anyway 🙂 I would rather spend my money on new sneakers!

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