Half Marathon & Yoga

Happy International Yoga Day!

It’s taken a few days to get back on the blog but I finished my fourth half marathon Sunday (yeah!). It sure was ugly, hard…and horrible. I’ll write a proper blog post soon. There’s been other stuff going on in my life that’s just keeping me down (I’ll share that too).

running buddy.jpg

Today, I enjoyed yoga at lunch and though my legs were sore from my half marathon (Sunday) or maybe my 10k of biking yesterday (crazy – maybe)…I managed to get through yoga today. My thighs might tell you another story but it’s all good.

Running clothing at yoga class – yah…I’m classy 😉


Oh…and no pain in my hamstring post half marathon – BIG WIN! Guess you could said I nailed my main goal (even with such a horrible race).

Sorry for the sort post but I’ll share my Half Marathon story with you soon.

Happy Tuesday!