Canada Day and Running Again

Long weekends are simply the best! Starting your weekend on a Thursday evening is probably one of my favourite ways to start a weekend, wouldn’t you agree?

We took advantage of the extra day and did some fun things; unfortunately my husband (the Paramedic) was working night shifts so he had to sleep most of the day away. This is what we got up to….

Strawberry Picking


Splash Pad, soapy slide, BBQ. 



As you may have noticed, I haven’t been doing much running since Johnny Miles half tweek weeks ago. In fact…I haven’t ran at all besides my soccer games! Yup, I got back into playing soccer and share that with you soon. But running just wasn’t something I wanted to do.

After spending Saturday together with Saï and the girls, I went out for a run. No distance planned, no route planned….just go and run. As I set out down my street in the middle of the afternoon (and high heat), I came upon a trail and decided last minute to go for it.

I’ve been on the trail many times but decided to run in parts that I’ve never taken before. After 2km of that, I left that trail system and went back into the subdivision then down a hill to our rails to trails for a bit. After a short jaunt on those trails, I went to run on the sidewalks on our main road. Around 4-5k into my run I decided to head back home. All of a sudden, my Polar A300 watch beeped at me “you’ve met your daily goal” and for a second I thought….perfect, I can stop! Ha ha, but I didn’t.

July 2nd Run Polar

I was still a good 2k from home. What’s the point of walking home in the heat when your 2k away from your home and you still want to run. In that moment, I figured I’m ready to get back into running more regularly and start considering a training plan for Maritime Race Weekend 5k & half marathon that I’m running in September.

I guess sometimes you just need to take time off or away from the things you enjoy so you can get back to it.

How was your weekend? Celebrate Canada Day or getting ready for the 4th of July?

Anyone race/run this weekend? Where?

Have you ever taken time off running to recharge?

5 thoughts on “Canada Day and Running Again

    • Thanks! That’s a bummer you are working this weekend but great that you are still able to get to the fireworks with your girls. I’m sure they will love it! Happy 4th of July to you and your family!

  1. I wish I could reach through the computer and grab those strawberries. They look delicious. What a perfect weekend. You absolutely need to take a break from running at times. Your body and mind both need it. You come back feeling like you fell in love all over again. Way to go!

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