Maritime Race Weekend (MRW) Training Plan

I’ve finally found the time to figure out a semi-training plan for my next half marathon. Though as I write this post, I’m still not 100% convinced I’ll run the half or change over to the 10k, either way…I’ll train for it and see what happens.

Race: Maritime Race Weekend 

When: September 16 & 17th.

Location: Cow Bay, Nova Scotia

Number of runners: 2,500

Fun: It’s a double race weekend. Friday night 5k and Saturday Half (or 10k).

Claim-to-fame: Best.Race.Ever., Pirate theme and crazy cool medals!

Years Participating: Twice. In 2014, I ran the 5k & 10k – both PB’s and then volunteered in 2015 after getting injured for the second time. You can read about my 5k race here, my 10k race here and volunteering last year here.

In the past I’ve used Hal Higdon’s training plans which I love but this time around I’m changing things up and kinda using his format but kinda not. This time around, I’m playing soccer AND coaching both girls so that takes up my Sunday, Monday and Wednesday nights. I’m not going to stress over getting in a run or workout on those days but will do something as my work and home life schedules permit.

My plan

MRW 2016 Half Marathon Training Anna

So between soccer, coaching, yoga, running and still wanting to add in cycling, swimming (for fun) and hitting up GoodLife Fitness when I’m in the city…it’s going to be an all-over-the-place training cycle. I’ve committed to training for the half but my heart and head aren’t ready for that distance. I’m hoping in time, I’ll be ready to run the half distance again or settle with nailing an awesome 10k (I kinda love the course).

Elevation Map for MRW Half Marathon

MRW Half Marathon Elevation Map

I’m looking forward to getting back into my long runs as I’ve missed those but I am hoping to run a little less this time around 3-4 times a week. So, here’s to an increase in my laundry pile, purchasing more hair conditioner and deodorant then one should really need, many litres of Nuun consumed, #runches and 10-12 weekly blog posts keeping you up-to-date on my training! Cheers!

Anyone else training for Maritime Race Weekend? (Or a fall race?)

Do you always stick to a training plan?

How do you incorporate other activities into your training?



32 thoughts on “Maritime Race Weekend (MRW) Training Plan

    • I questioned the double race too but this event is a lot of fun. Friday night people dress up and run as pirates (not everyone) and it’s timed but still just more of a good time atmosphere. Saturday it gets more serious (no costumes).

  1. I have followed a plan (in the past) for my marathons,but have taken the liberty to modify them as needed. I have done so many halfs that I don’t really “need” to train for them much since I’m kind of always ready with my long runs/endurance. I’m gonna be working with a coach this fall (Route 66 Marathon in November), though, for the first time ever…..kinda of nervous but very excited to try something new. Good luck with your training!!

  2. It sounds like an awesome race! I’ve never been to Nova Scotia, I hope you have a great time! Your training plan looks awesome! I need to do more speed work and crosstraining like you!

  3. I think training for a big race is exciting and this is one of your favorites so even more fun! Good luck! I use a trainer so I just follow the directions 🙂

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