Week 3 Maritime Race Weekend Half Marathon Training

I’m finally feeling like I’m getting back on the running wagon again! This past weekend I actually enjoyed my whole long run…something that I haven’t done in a few months.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday July 11th: Coaching & Rest Day | Coaching & Rest Day. Pretty much nailed this. I coached my oldest daughter’s team (Under 6 year olds).

Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga Class…felt so good. And I went to Physiotherapy earlier in the day for my SI Joint. I’m seeing some progress but it’s going to take a while. You can read about yoga here.

Wednesday: Coaching & Run | Coaching & Rest Day. On Wednesday’s I coached both my daughter’s teams (under 4 parent/tot and then Under 6’s). After coaching and getting the girls to bed, I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything.

Thursday: Hills | 7k. Since it was such a hot day, I decided to jump in the sprinkler with the girls before making dinner. Best choice of the day!

I went for an evening run after the girls went to bed. It was a super HOT and humid day therefore the run wasn’t awesome but I did it. I’m also adding in my PT exercises here and there.

July 14 sprinkler

Friday: Rest | Rest. Nailed it 🙂

Saturday: 12k Long Run | 12k Long Run. It was expected to be another super hot day so I planned to get out running early and managed to start around 6:40. I think next time I need to go earlier.

This was the first run that I’ve done and actually enjoyed it. My pace was steady between 6:22 and 6:26/km until I got a side stitch around 5k, then after that eased up I threw in a good hill for the fun of it. Maritime Race weekend is known for it’s big hills, so I best be training on them.

On the way back home I decided to take a few walk breaks and the heat was really starting to increase. I needed the walking breaks as it was just getting too hot. Though the temperature only read 18c (felt like 23c)…I could have sworn it was feeling like 28c. I was literally dripping in sweat (but happy) when I got back…there wasn’t a dry spot on me.

Happy Runner!

July 16th long run.jpg

Random running moment: As I entered back into my subdivision I came across this lady. She was walking out of her driveway with a lawn mower (it was off). She stop when she saw me and didn’t move, so I wasn’t sure if I should run behind her or in front of her and the lawn mower. As I approached her she looked at me and said “you’ve been running for a long time, I saw you up further on the highway”. I just responded with “yes, it’s a long run day” and kept going. I think she though I was crazy for running that far in the morning heat.

Sunday: Soccer Game | Soccer Game. It wasn’t the best day as a parent. The girls weren’t listening, were rude and fighting with each other. Everything seemed to go wrong (I dropped my dinner, my large glass of water was spilt everywhere, I went to the wrong soccer field). Just. Not. My.Day. I even had to take a nap mid afternoon as I was just exhausted from everything. I eventually made it to soccer and played. It was great but we lost.

If you are wondering where week #1 and week #2 updates are….I didn’t write about them only because I didn’t have a training plan figured out. However, all the workouts I did are updated in my training plan.

KM this week: 19k

KM this training cycle: 36k

Overall: I’m easing into this training and so happy I finally enjoyed my long run.

Do you think non-runners think we are crazy running at 7am?

Anyone run or race this weekend?

Would you jump in a sprinkler with your kids?


12 thoughts on “Week 3 Maritime Race Weekend Half Marathon Training

  1. I’m always on the look out for sprinklers to run through once it gets even the tiniest bit hot. I like getting out and running before most people are even out of bed – it’s so calming especially if you get a pretty sunrise.

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