Seven Eighteen AM

That’s what time my alarm when off this morning. Hummm….

I was supposed to get up at 5:45 AM but apparently I set my alarm wrong 😦 The plan was to be up and out of the house around 6:15 AM to start my long run of fourteen kilometres. The girls are away at their Grandparents house and my husband had left for work at 5:15 for work.

My first reaction was SHIT, I was supposed to do my long run I missed the day before (due to lack of sleep and pain in my hip (SI Joint). Meh….I’ve got nothing else going on so I decided I’d get ready and head out for my run.

Though I was slow getting ready, I got out the door at 8:06….but ran back in as I forgot to put body glide on my legs. Never trust a pair or short-shorts in the summer heat when you’ve got thunder thighs.

I restarted my Green Garmin for the second time and off I went with the plan of running 14k. I’d run out 8k and then run back a slightly different direction to get home for 14k. My pace was great (for me) around 6:22 for the first few kilometres and then slowed down a bit.

Super sweaty run.

July 24th run.jpg

The sun was out and it was H-O-T!!!! Unsure of the temperature, I did my best to stay hydrated with the two bottles (one water, one Nuun) and enjoy the few shady breaks I got from some trees here and there.

Maritime Race Weekend half marathon is super hilly (in my mind) so I  decided to run an extra hill on the way out…nailed it! I kept going towards a double hill…you know, once you get to the top of the first one you have to keep going as there is another incline you couldn’t see at the bottom of the first hill. Fun times!

At the half way point and I took advantage of more shade and ran into a subdivision for 1 minute and back out again. Chews and gu’s were consumed. The heat was building even more and I decided to do that hill again on the way back. Nailed it too 🙂

After that I took more walking breaks as the heat was just getting to me however, my legs just felt great and my pace was still consistent (minus the walk breaks). At some point I decided to keep running past the short way home and run 16k. I did a little more walking during those last two kilometres but I was fine with that.

I even scouted out a sprinkler to run in however, I decided it was too far onto the person’s property for me to run though…too bad. I made it home and finished in 1:46 with a 6:36/km pace. That felt good.

Splits July 24th running

I quickly went to our back yard and turned on the sprinkler (remember, the girls aren’t around). I didn’t care I was on my own and I just stood in the sprinkler for a good 10 minutes cooling down. After that I sat and stretched which turned into a yoga session on the deck in the sun.

Oh how I love long runs again!

How far is too far to run through a sprinkler on someone else’s lawn?

Anyone run today? Hot run, cool run?

When’s the last time your alarm didn’t go off and your run started much later then expected?

5 thoughts on “Seven Eighteen AM

  1. Let’s be honest, sometimes a slog long run through the heat feels good. It makes you feel alive! I don’t really sleep through alarms.. If I even sleep to the alarm that is nice!

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