Polar A300 Activity Tracker

Sometimes I find it hard to remember I’m training for my 5th half marathon (in September) because I feel like I’m taking a laid back approach to my training. Sure I have a training plan that will get me to the start line but I also have “other” things I want to do in the summer. Swimming, cycling, playing soccer AND coaching soccer. It’s busy but it’s working.

To help keep track of all my activity, I’ve been using the Polar A300 Activity Tracker. It’s part of the SportChek Ambassador Program that I’m apart of. Now, if you’ve been around my blog for the last year or more, you’ll know I gave up an activity tracker last year as I just wasn’t loving it any more. I found it wasn’t accurate and would often give me “steps” when I was washing the dishes and even changing diapers (wow, that was long ago!). It was pretty basic and in the end I just didn’t want to feel like I wasn’t getting my steps in.


Fast forward to the six weeks and I’ve hardly taken this one off my wrist. I usually wear a simple sport watch day-in and day-out …yes even to bed. Why? I can’t see with my glasses off and got into the routine of wearing my watch all the time especially when our girls were babies and I was nursing them around the clock. I just liked to know the time and it was easier to look at my watch then put my glasses on and find the bright clock across our room.

The Polar A300 is an activity tracker; so counts your steps, daily mileage, sitting, sleep and when paired with a heart rate monitor (HRM), can track your heart rate, do fitness test and provide other data along the way. I don’t have the HRM with this device so I’m limited to some of the cool tricks this activity tracker can do. Even though I can’t use the HRM functions, this watch continues to surprise me over and over.

Polar Activity Tracker Anna.jpg


  • It feels like an every day watch.
  • The arm band is super flexible and you can change the colours if you want to (purchase required) and extremely soft.
  • Pretty easy to figure out how to use.
  • Provides multiple “activities” such as running, cycling, indoor exercise, other outdoor exercise. These can also be changed to the activities YOU do. I’ve added Yoga and soccer.
  • Easy to take out the device from the watch strap and sync on a computer.
  • It can get wet – bonus for the summer and busy lives.
  • It tracks your activity in six  different areas (Not worn, Resting, Sitting, Low Activity, Medium Activity and High Activity).
  • If sitting for too long (60 minutes) it will prompt you to get moving (noise, vibrating and a message).
  • It counts your daily steps, mileage in kilometres or miles, what % of activity you have accumulated and it also tells you what activities you can do to reach your goal. Example: 1 hour 10 minutes of walking or 4 hours and 38 minutes of yard work etc.
  • When you hit your daily goal, it tells you so by vibrating with a message on the screen.
  • When it’s your birthday, a cake appear. Seriously…that was fun. See above!

Polar Flow App (I use)

Polar tracking App.jpg


  • It can get fuzzy from your clothing (see picture above bottom right).
  • You need the HRM to use all the functions of the watch.
  • I had some challenges syncing it to the Polar Flow app on my phone but manged to get that sorted with Polar’s IT support.
  • I wish it had a GPS tracker in it (which the M400, A360 and V800 to have).  I like seeing my distance and pace when I run or cycle.

Product Details:

  • Weight 48 g
  • Thickness 12,7 mm
  • Water resistant (30 m)
  • Updatable software
  • Memory capacity up to 60 days (with daily activity tracking and 1 hour of daily training)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery life up to 4 weeks
  • Easy sync via Polar Flow app with Bluetooth Smart
  • Data transfer to PC and Mac with a custom USB cable

I really like the Polar A300 and as I mentioned, I haven’t taken it off (maybe once or twice) since I got it. Two thumbs up for this activity tracker!!  The biggest difference for me between this activity tracker and one I’ve used in the past is that I’m less focus on getting in my daily steps and more excited to track my multiple activities. I would recommend this one of the activity tracker I used last year (and no longer use).

Do you use an activity tracker?

Birthday wishes on your watch, yah or neh?

All opinions in this blog post are my own thoughts and experiences. These products have been provided as part of the summer SportChek Ambassador program.  Thank you SportChek!

23 thoughts on “Polar A300 Activity Tracker

  1. Nice review. I’ve had this before but I couldn’t figure out how I used it and I sent it back. I currently use a fitbit and the Nike Sports Watch for running I wish I had an all in one.

  2. I’ll take popularity points wherever I can get them 😀 Let it wish me my birthday! lol.
    If you really like it and find that it is rather accurate, I think I have a few clients that I might recommend it to. I, too, wish it had a GPS (an accurate one)–then I would get it for myself!

    • I think the key to any activity tracker is understanding all that it does AND taking the time to really use it to its full potential. In other words, use online tutorials on the device you have so you can really understand it. Many people just think they count steps but they do so much more.

  3. I have an Apple Watch but I still use my Garmin Forerunner 10 (just the basics) for my runs. I had hoped for the Apple Watch to be my everything but without GPS, it doesn’t do a good job tracking my runs. Kind of a disappointment.

  4. I use the Fitbit charge HR- I love it! I track my activities, HR and sleep. I feel naked when I don;t have it on!

    • I actually can’t wear it when playing my soccer games (I’ve just turned on the activity piece and let it count the time only, then stop it at the end of the game). I can wear it when I coach. Bit of a bummer that I can’t track my steps during a game as that would be cool to see but we follow the CSA rules.

  5. My FitBit has crapped out on me so I’ve been wondering if I should switch activity trackers. Polar is such a great brand, this looks like a winner for sure!

  6. I’m not into activity tracking…,mainly because I know I’m active LOL Kind of like you mentioned with a previous tracker, if I did have a tracker I think I’d be consumed by the daily numbers. I have a Timex Ironman watch, and I use it mainly when I’m racing (not for the minute-by-minute stats, but for the results “after the fact”).

  7. I love that it knows when’t it is your birthday! That is so fun!! I also like that it prompts you to get moving when you have been sitting for 60 min. AND you can get it wet – score! 🙂
    I would like to try an activity tracker – I would be curious as to how many steps I take during the day.

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