Week #4 of MRW Half Marathon Training

Another week in the books however, I feel like I am really slacking on my training. When I look back at what I accomplish in a week (IN THE HOT SUMMER), I’m totally okay with it. I’m still hesitant about that half distance but am moving forward with it as my long runs are really awesome right now.

I’m enjoying running more and more, something that I wasn’t feeling in May and June. Let’s hope that this keeps up and I can increase my mileage a little more (no missed runs) this coming week.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday July 18th: Coaching | Nothing. Poor Lilly was so exhausted from the weekend and day camp we took a night at home to rest. I was needing an early night too – we all were!

Tuesday: Yoga | Rest Day + PT Appointment. I was planning to go to yoga up until the last minute. I changed my mine post PT appointment even though he said I could go. I have to avoid lunging so I just decided to take it as a rest day. My SI joint pain is causing my hip to collapse which is causing my knee to collapse. He taped it up and instantly the pain went away…magic!

taped knee.jpg

Wednesday: Coaching & Run | Coached & 3k Treadmill Run + PT exercises. This was our first successful soccer night in regards to Hilary not having a meltdown (or 5). Bedtime was super late and a struggle for Lilly, so I didn’t start my run until 9:30 PM. I only ran 3k, enough to warm up and then do my PT exercises. I really wanted to run 5k but just didn’t feel I had the time.

July 13 Treadmill run

Thursday: Speed Work | 7k Run. No speed work but just getting out for an evening run to test my SI Joint and knee. It was good. I ran into my running buddy and her family as they were getting ice cream (jealous!).

July 14

Friday: Rest | Rest Day. Nailed this one!

Saturday: 14k Long Run | Nothing. I slept in after staying up until midnight talking to my Mom. I also went out with a girl friend of mine that I get to see once a year…so  sleeping in was okay with me.

Sunday: Soccer | 16k Long Run. It was great. HOT but great. You can read more about it in details here (just in case you missed my post Sunday).

Best way to cool down post run…stand in cold sprinkler for 10 minutes. AH..may..ZING!

July 24th long run

Km this week: 26 km

Km in training plan: 62 km

Last Year’s training for MRW: Though I was injured last year during Maritime Race Weekend I still trained for it. I decided to look back at the training and see how it went. Last year’s training went pretty well….and I was in PT at the time – sounds familiar!

Half or drop to 10k? At the beginning of the week I was thinking of dropping to the 10k however after running 16k on Sunday…I’m leaning more towards running my 5th half marathon. I still don’t know why this is a problem/challenge for me. Maybe I’m just way to scared of all the hills Maritime Race Weekend has along the route. Maybe I’m just being a whimp!

Overall: I feel like it didn’t start off so well but the last part of the week I just felt better. More rest is what I need right now but I’m still able to pull off some good runs. I’m happy with it. If you missed week #3, you can catch up here.

How’s your training going?

Sprinkler post run – yes or no?

Do you skip a long run if you’ve been out the night before too late?

3 thoughts on “Week #4 of MRW Half Marathon Training

  1. I skip runs all the time if I didn’t get enough sleep or if I’m injured. To me, running at that point is just stupid! lol

    I also struggle to train during the summer (’cause I want to be out enjoying random summer activities not a slave to my training plan)…which is probably why I rarely race in September! lol

    You’re doing awesome – half or 10k, you’re rocking it.

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