Life’s Chores You’d Rather Avoid

Sometimes life isn’t always about running and kids around here. Though I mostly blog about running and occasionally my family, I sometimes have to do adult things. Yuck!

Our girls have been spending some time with their Grandparents which has allowed me some down time (ha ha, cleaning, PT, sitting in the sun, etc.). It’s also allow Saï and I to go out to dinner a few times …. but I didn’t take a single photo. We didn’t bother with our phones….it was lovely.

I’ve mowed the long on vacation…

mow lawn


…In my running clothing yes!

I was debating going for a bike ride or run after doing the lawn on Monday so I figured why change twice. I’m wearing the Under Armour HeatGear 7 inch shorts and I love them. I love the length, the feel, the touch and how comfortable they are. I’m also wearing the Nike Free Run sneakers and the UA “Run” tank – perfect for summer!

I got the lawn done during a cooler portion of the day by luck and then decided I was too tired to run or bike as the sun came back out and was ridiculously hot. I did some boring stuff like clean my side of the room, laundry and clean out our fridge – nothing photo worthy but it’s just stuff you’ve gotta get done!

What’s the chore you hate doing most?

Ever dress in your running clothing doing house hold chores and then run?