Maritime Race Weekend Training (1/2 Marathon) Week 6

I started to write this post and wrote week 5 but had to double checked to see if that was correct. I was shocked to see that I was wrong (kidding)…that week 6 is done. That means that my next half marathon is only 6 weeks away, we only have four weeks until Lilly goes back to school and then..we’ll FALL basically starts after that. Yikes!

Side note – I’m totally into the Olympics right now. Loving all the Canadian Women rocking their medals! I may be blogging less due to being tuned into the Olympics more! Go Canada Go!

This past week was fairly good week but lacked a little in kilometres. I managed to get my stomach figured out which was extremely great to not have any “issues”. Last week I was still on vacation so you’d think it would be easier to get in running. I can’t really complain about any of it other then missing one run I did sneak in a few other things. This is how it went…

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday August 1st: Coaching U6 Soccer | Cancelled due to Holiday. I didn’t work out as I was a little sore from my long run. No pain in my SI joint but my hips and legs felt tired from my long run on Sunday.

Tuesday: Yoga | No Yoga. I was home with the girls and I can’t remember what we did. No recollection at all, ah well.

Wednesday: Coaching U4 & U6 Soccer & Run | Soccer, Hiking, 6k Run. We went for a short afternoon hike which turned into playing “camouflage” in the woods and then playing in the stream for a long time. It was Hilary’s last soccer session (Lilly still has one more tonight) but I managed to get in a late night run. I headed out around 8:45 and got in 6k.


Thursday: Speed Work | Nope. Boogie Boarding – Yes. I spent the day at Hirtles beach with my running buddy and our kids. You should check out her talented photography skills here, it was an AMAZING day at the beach. So amazing we both burned our upper backs. That night, I could barely have a sports bra strap over my back let alone a shirt so I opted for missing my run and slathering myself with Aloe Vera. We went through a lot of sunscreen that day but still go burnt.

Hirtles Beach

Friday: Rest Day | Swimming. We traveled into Halifax to visit my parents and niece for the day and swam most of the afternoon.

Saturday: 16k Long Run | 18k Long Run. Oh this run was great! It started off hilly in my parents subdivision and continued to be hilly until the 13k mark when it started to get flat. Around 13k-15k I seem to struggle with my pace consistently on my long runs. I eventually ran out of my Nuun and decided to stop at 16k or so to get a drink from a convenience store – best decision ever! I guzzled half the bottle and put the rest in my= fuel belt bottle and off I went.


I figured I stay down on the rails-to-trails instead of running the hills back to my parents house and I’m so glad I did. I was able to pick up my pace significantly and that felt great! There were so many runners, walkers and bikers on the trail…that too was awesome! However, that massive HILL I had to walk up (Rosewood) was nasty and my calf muscles were hating me. I finished 18k in 1:59:12 with a pit stop into a convenience store – not too shabby!

Sunday: Soccer Game | Rest Day. I missed my soccer game as I didn’t have anyone to be with the girls (my husband was working). It’s okay as I needed a day’s rest. No knee, or SI joint problems !!!!

Recovery at it’s finest.


KM this week: 24 km

KM this training cycle: 116 km

Overall: It was a slightly low kilometre week but I still did a lot and I’m okay with that. I’ve yet to do any specific “hill” training or speed work to date. I’m not sure if I just don’t want to or I just don’t care anymore. After working so hard during my tempo runs and other speed work for my last half, I just don’t have it in me…yet. I am incorporating hills into my long runs which is kinda fun but I think I need to kick it up a gear.

If you missed last week, check it out here.

Ever get a sunburn that prevents you from doing anything? 

Ever stop into a convenience store for a drink during your run?

Loving the Olympics?


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