Maritime Race Weekend Week 7 Training (Half Marathon)

Well, where do I start? Week seven started off well and ended with an injury!!! Yup, I’m injured AGAIN! I’ll explain below but I’m still smiling and RICEing because really, there’s not much more I can do.

With passions comes risk. If you don’t pursue your passions what are you living for.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday August 8th: Coaching U6 Soccer | Coaches & Biked 18k. It was my last day of vacation and I wanted to get some cleaning and organizing done around the house. After I did a fair amount of cleaning, I headed out on my bike for an hour and managed 18k in 1:06.


Tuesday: Yoga | PT Appointment & Yoga. My SI joint is feeling better but I’m having some issues with my glutes that is affecting my lower back, hip and knee. Having said that, its on its way to working itself out. Yoga: I actually had a one-on-one with the instructor as no one else showed up! Lucky me!!!! It was good. I learned a few new things but didn’t leave feeling like I had a really good workout, bummah.

Wednesday: Coaching U6 & Run | Coaching U6 and 6k Run. It was a long day and I really just wanted to go to bed at 8pm when my girls did. However, I managed to get out after my husband finished his run and ran 6k. It wasn’t a good run as my body just wasn’t happy.

Thursday: Hills | Nothing. I missed my run as I just couldn’t pull it off that evening. I worked all day then took the girls to their soccer jamboree. By the time we got home and got the girls to bed it was after 8pm and I still had to do stuff around the house that couldn’t wait. Sometimes we just can’t do it all.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it.

Saturday: 5k Race | 5k Heart 0f the Valley in 27:59. This was a semi local event (40 minutes away) and the first time I’ve participated. I was super surprised that I ran it in 27:59 as I haven’t ran consistently under 6 min/km for over a year. It felt great, you can read more about it here.


Sunday: Soccer Game | Soccer Game. Where do I start? Well, I injured my right ankle with 10 minutes to go in our soccer game. I knew when I signed up to play soccer this summer that injuries could happen. At times, it’s a contact sport and I’m an aggressive player that isn’t afraid to get bumped around or challenge for a ball.


I can’t even tell you what happened but confident it wasn’t a collision with another player. I think I just jumped for the ball on a throw-in and when I landed on both feet, my right ankle collapsed on itself a bit. Essentially, it just gave away on me. I tried to walk it off and played for a few more minutes but it just didn’t feel right. I took off my cleats, socks and shin pads and sat on the bench. I’ve been to the Dr’s and she said I probably tore a ligament and should go for physiotherapy to strengthen it.

I’m booked in next week for my back but they can’t assess my ankle until September 21st!!!!! I laughed at the lady and took the appointment. Looks like I might just take care of my ankle for the next few weeks on my own and see what running I can do. My 5k & half marathon are on September 16 and 17th, which would be before I’m even assessed. At this point, I’m not sure what I’ll do but pretty sure I can take care of it over the next five weeks until my PT appointment. I’d be happy with running any distance at Maritime Race Weekend but I’ve been really enjoying my long runs lately. Oh well, it’s life…right!

KM this week: 11 km

KM this training cycle: 127km (super low km this training cycle).

My thoughts the other day: Okay, I’ve gotta get my shit together. I’ve done no speed work, no hill work and my kilometers are low. I’ve been active with cycling, yoga and soccer which is great. Though this week I was busy with a variety of activities, I need to get going on running more, hill work and speed work. The good news is that our girls have finished soccer, I almost feel relieved! Coaching both teams was busy not to mention sometimes having both girls with me at each other’s practice.

My thoughts since getting injured: Well SHIT, what now!

If you missed week 6, you can read it here.

How much cross training do you do a week?

How was your weekend?

How do you deal with injury from another sport?

7 thoughts on “Maritime Race Weekend Week 7 Training (Half Marathon)

  1. GOOD GOLLY NO. I really hope it is a bad sprain and not a ligament. Fingers are double triple crossed for you there! My hamstring felt great on my run yesterday, and then I demo’d a squat for a client and aggravated it. Far less serious than what you are dealing with, but frustrating nonetheless. Sending hugs and healing vibes…

    • I’m thinking it’s just a sprain or strain on my ligament now. I can walk normal today so that’s positive. Take it easy on your hamstring – it took me a year to get mine back to normal. Are your glutes tight? That was one of my problems with my hamstring as my glutes just pulled on it. Sending hugs and healing vibes to you too!

  2. Oh no! Anna I’m so sorry, what a bummer! And I can’t believe they can’t look at your ankle for 5 weeks, that’s crazy! Take care of yourself in the meantime.

    • The funny thing is, I’m back to PT next week for my si joint. I’m sure he’ll do a quick assessment. It’s a University PT facility so priority is their athletes and they only do assessments over the lunch hour. I could go to any PT but he’s the best so I’m going to wait at least to next week to see what he says. However, today I’m able to walk normal so that’s a bonus!

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