Injury: What Now?

With risk, comes injury…at least that’s what has happened with me. I took a risk this summer playing soccer, got injured and that’s having an impact on my running. I knew this could happen but really, it’s just part of life.

I love playing soccer. I’d probably choose a full game of soccer over running a half marathon if I had the choice. I grew up playing the sport and I’m happy that I can still play today. My body just isn’t as strong right now and I got injured because of that.

What now?

First off, I’m thinking this injury isn’t going to be as bad as my hamstring was (9-12 months of recovery). The first 24 hours (Sunday night – Monday night) were the worst pain wise. I had very little swelling and basically no bruising. Tuesday, I could actually walk normally but not too fast. I couldn’t rotate my foot sideways without some pain; lateral movements hurt.

Ice, ice and more ice. This was the only thing that made my foot feel better. I’ve had some people tell me to put heat on it but was advised by my doctor not to use heat (we all have our own way of doing things). I’m supposed to rest my foot (elevate) however I can’t sit too long as my SI Joint acts up…it’s a bit of a sticky situation trying to balance both injuries. I was still smiling and laughing on Tuesday about it all.

Now, it’s just wait time. I see my PT next week for my back (SI Joint) but he can’t do a full assessment of  my foot until Sept 21st! I’m confident he will briefly look over my foot next week since he has done that before when I injured my foot last year during my hamstring treatment. (I’m just a walking mess!) Don’t get me wrong, I could call another Physiotherapy business and get an appointment this week. However, I’ve done that before and it got my hamstring injury nowhere. He also knows my history and is treating me, so I’ll wait.

Mentally, I’m starting to just feel sad that I can run right now. I’m okay but sad, I guess I just really enjoy running and training for races.  I got bored the other night so I did my PT exercises for my SI joint and some weights on the deck while my husband ran. When I’m ready, I’ll go for a walk and see how my ankle does. Then maybe a walk/run. I’ll go to PT next week and wait.


What’s going on with my half marathon training?

Well, I have no idea until my ankle feels better on what distance I can run. I’m confident I’ll be able to run at least 5 – 10k…and I’m okay with that. Before my second 10k race ever, I severely tore ligaments in my left foot and ran a 10k three weeks later thanks to my PT at the time. It’s do-able.

I have to admit, it’s a good time to be sitting on my arse since I can watch the Olympics! Thanks for all your messages on here, Instagram and Facebook.

What do you do when injured?

Every afraid to get back to the sport to early?

Anyone racing or training this weekend? (Run some KM’s for me, please)


9 thoughts on “Injury: What Now?

    • I was just started to get really excited about running the half. I think I finally got over my wall of scared for this hilly course. I’m really hoping I can still do it but will have to just wait a little to see how it goes. I’m trying to remain positive. One way or another I will run something that weekend and love it (distance doesn’t always matter).

  1. 😦 I tend to feel sorry for myself when I’m injured but then I look on the bright side. It will heal and I am lucky that I can do the things I can do. Read books. Read about running. Stretch. Do laundry 🙂

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