Maritime Race Weekend Training Week 8 {Half} Training, Ups & Downs.

I almost feel like there is nothing to write about for this weeks training since it was basically non-existent. If you missed it, last week during my soccer game I injured my ankle. It hurt a lot for 24 hours but each day got better and better. I took a full 7 days off running.

I did manage to get out for a run this Monday and it went really well with my ankle taped up. So far it’s okay, doesn’t hurt but isn’t 100%, hopefully I’ll know more tomorrow.

What was Planned vs. What Really Happened:

Monday August 15th: Coaching/Rest Day | Rest Day. I couldn’t have done this better, though I was injured. The girls didn’t have soccer but it was on the schedule by mistake.

I spent the day at work, icing my ankle and walking really slowly. Driving wasn’t awesome either but what can ya do when you’ve got to go to work/drop your kids off.

Tuesday: Yoga | Rest Day. I couldn’t even go to yoga 😦 I was able to start walking normal but it was still a slower pace for me. I kept to walking from my car to the office and once around the grocery store. Pretty limited.

Wednesday: Run | PT Exercises & Weights. As my husband left for his evening run, I did some of my PT exercises for my SI joint and a few weights. I really wanted to just go for a run but my foot still hurt.


Thursday: Speed Work | Rest Day. By Thursday I just started to feel sad that I wasn’t running. It’s been beautiful weather and I actually feel motivated to run (of course, when you can run that’s all you want to do). I just felt bummed out. Bu Thursday, I was trying to figure out how hard it’s going to be to start running again after taking a full week off.

Friday: Rest Day | Swimming

Saturday: 17k Long Run | Yoga/Swimming . I tried to keep myself busy on the weekend and to not think about all the running I have been missing. We went to Valley Yoga Fest in the morning and swam in the afternoon.

Swimming Aug 20

Sunday: Soccer Game | Yoga/Swimming. I’m out of soccer for a bit until I figure out my ankle.  We went to yoga and swam again. Leisurely laps for 25 minutes.

Ankle update: I think it was just a strain vs a sprain. I had VERY little swelling and almost no bruising but man, the pain was severe. We’ll just see how it goes. I have an ankle brace that I can wear for soccer but I’m not playing any time soon. As for running, I’m taping my ankle when I run {one run done so far} since I had years of practice, it’s like tying up my shoes.

Overall: I’ve moved onto feeling disappointed. I have no idea what distance I can run at this point and time will tell. I’ll listen to my body, my Physiotherapist and go from there. There are other half marathons this fall but man, I was really starting to get excited for this one. So, no decisions on changing from the half to 10k as of today.

KM This week: 0

KM this training cycle: 127 km

Race Day: Sept 16th {5k} and 17th {Half Marathon, I think}.

Ever take a full week off running so close to your race day? (4-5 weeks out)

How do you keep yourself busy when you get injured?


9 thoughts on “Maritime Race Weekend Training Week 8 {Half} Training, Ups & Downs.

  1. Oh man, I hope you continue to heal. Beyond training for a race, just being able to run keeps me sane. We were moving all last week and I didn’t get a single run in. I was doing 25,000+ steps each day and burning more calories than on days when I ran 10k+ but I still just felt off. I totally know that feeling. Enjoy the rest of your summer weather with the family and fingers crossed that you are back out there soon!

  2. Good to do what you need to in order to heal properly. I think swimming would be a good distraction… especially with the nice weather. Sending lots of HEALing vibes your way.

  3. You know how I feel for you on this. To maybe make you feel a little better, the last 6 weeks of my training for my first marathon I did very little running because of ITB issues and I still was able to run the whole thing. If you focus on your recovery and cross train like a champ, you should be ok. Is there a gym or friend with a pool that you can use for a month? Otherwise, RIDE THAT BIKE LIKE YOU ARE MADE OF MONEY (but only if it doesn’t hurt your ankle, obviously)

  4. what a bummer about your ankle but better that you took it easy, just in case! I have some injury issues and have done a lot more biking than running and, though, it’s KILLING me, I’m happy that at least I can do that. hopefully with just a little bit more rest you’ll be fine!

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