Maritime Race Weekend Training Week 9

I’m not even sure if you could call this a training week as I’m still not supposed to run. I’ve gone from a positive attitude about it all to bummed out, to now just disappointment.

I’m trying not to worry, as I’m going to run something that weekend, be it 5k/10k or 5k/5k…I’m going to run. I have been advised to wait until my PT can assess my ankle to run again. What did my run-less week look like, keep reading.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

I honestly don’t even know what was planned as I’ve stopped looked at my training plan I created two months ago. I had to bring up my plan and see the details of each day since I forgot (not a good sign).

Monday August 22nd: Rest | 5k Run. I taped up my ankle and went for a 5k run evening run and it was great. My ankle felt full secure and sturdy and didn’t hurt at all. It was a little achy Tuesday but not painful. It felt great to run.


Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga. Yes, nailed it today! I had a pretty good yoga class but was a little limited with balance poses. I tried some poses but just felt my ankle wasn’t strong enough yet to hold it for 4-5 breaths.

Wednesday: 8k | Leisurely Swim with the family. I did some leisurely laps for about 20 minutes, racing my girls and just taking having fun with them. What I really wanted to do was run.

Thursday: Hills | Nothing. I had my last PT appointment for my back (SI joint) which is feeling so much better. However, he couldn’t fit me in for an ankle assessment and advise I didn’t run on it until he could see me. Later that evening they called and said the *might* have an opening on Friday to which I said I could make, of course. Friday came but the appointment did not. I got my hopes up too much and was so disappointed it didn’t happen.

Friday: Rest | Rest. Gosh, I’m getting good at this one.

Saturday: 18k | Swim. My last 18k was SO great and I miss that feeling. Two hours of running, it’s all I wanted to do this weekend. Instead I swam in my parents pool for 2 hours with Lilly and Hilary which was a lot of fun. And I went to see Bad Mom’s with a friend, so at least I got in some good laughs!


Sunday: Soccer Game | Hell no! 60 walk/hike.  This was a hard game not to go to as I’m starting to really miss playing soccer. Though I occasionally get injured playing, I still love the sport I’ve played for 30 years.

I did however, get out for a 60 minute walk/hike in the woods. I only got attacked by one tree branch, 10 mosquito’s, and freaked out a dozen squirrels. No, it wasn’t running and it took EVERYTHING in me not to run. I just tried to enjoy being active for an hour as it’s better then nothing. My ankle felt pretty good afterwards – bonus!


KM this week: 5k

KM this training cycle: 132 km

Overall: I’m just bummed out. Enough said.

What now? Well, I wait for a PT appointment and pray I get in. I’m starting to think about dropping to the 10k distance which is a great distance. BUT, I was JUST starting to get excited that I could really do this hilly half marathon. I was starting to feel confident in my abilities and happy with pace. Though I don’t regret playing soccer this summer but more disappointed I don’t have an answers to how I can move forward successfully.

Think good thoughts that I can get in this week!If you missed my recent weeks, check them out here: week 6, week 7, week 8. 

How was your weekend?

Racing, training or vacationing?

Have you dropped down in distance before?