Maritime Race Weekend Training Week 9

I’m not even sure if you could call this a training week as I’m still not supposed to run. I’ve gone from a positive attitude about it all to bummed out, to now just disappointment.

I’m trying not to worry, as I’m going to run something that weekend, be it 5k/10k or 5k/5k…I’m going to run. I have been advised to wait until my PT can assess my ankle to run again. What did my run-less week look like, keep reading.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

I honestly don’t even know what was planned as I’ve stopped looked at my training plan I created two months ago. I had to bring up my plan and see the details of each day since I forgot (not a good sign).

Monday August 22nd: Rest | 5k Run. I taped up my ankle and went for a 5k run evening run and it was great. My ankle felt full secure and sturdy and didn’t hurt at all. It was a little achy Tuesday but not painful. It felt great to run.


Tuesday: Yoga | Yoga. Yes, nailed it today! I had a pretty good yoga class but was a little limited with balance poses. I tried some poses but just felt my ankle wasn’t strong enough yet to hold it for 4-5 breaths.

Wednesday: 8k | Leisurely Swim with the family. I did some leisurely laps for about 20 minutes, racing my girls and just taking having fun with them. What I really wanted to do was run.

Thursday: Hills | Nothing. I had my last PT appointment for my back (SI joint) which is feeling so much better. However, he couldn’t fit me in for an ankle assessment and advise I didn’t run on it until he could see me. Later that evening they called and said the *might* have an opening on Friday to which I said I could make, of course. Friday came but the appointment did not. I got my hopes up too much and was so disappointed it didn’t happen.

Friday: Rest | Rest. Gosh, I’m getting good at this one.

Saturday: 18k | Swim. My last 18k was SO great and I miss that feeling. Two hours of running, it’s all I wanted to do this weekend. Instead I swam in my parents pool for 2 hours with Lilly and Hilary which was a lot of fun. And I went to see Bad Mom’s with a friend, so at least I got in some good laughs!


Sunday: Soccer Game | Hell no! 60 walk/hike.  This was a hard game not to go to as I’m starting to really miss playing soccer. Though I occasionally get injured playing, I still love the sport I’ve played for 30 years.

I did however, get out for a 60 minute walk/hike in the woods. I only got attacked by one tree branch, 10 mosquito’s, and freaked out a dozen squirrels. No, it wasn’t running and it took EVERYTHING in me not to run. I just tried to enjoy being active for an hour as it’s better then nothing. My ankle felt pretty good afterwards – bonus!


KM this week: 5k

KM this training cycle: 132 km

Overall: I’m just bummed out. Enough said.

What now? Well, I wait for a PT appointment and pray I get in. I’m starting to think about dropping to the 10k distance which is a great distance. BUT, I was JUST starting to get excited that I could really do this hilly half marathon. I was starting to feel confident in my abilities and happy with pace. Though I don’t regret playing soccer this summer but more disappointed I don’t have an answers to how I can move forward successfully.

Think good thoughts that I can get in this week!If you missed my recent weeks, check them out here: week 6, week 7, week 8. 

How was your weekend?

Racing, training or vacationing?

Have you dropped down in distance before? 


43 thoughts on “Maritime Race Weekend Training Week 9

  1. I feel your pain. Whenever I am injured, it feels like you will never be healed up and able to run again. Patience is not many runner’s strong suits. But way to go with mixing it up with different things and allowing your body some time to heal. You’ve got this!

  2. Glad your ankle is getting better! It’s so hot and somehow I haven’t found a pool yet this summer. That sounds great right about now!

  3. Hang in there! I hope you get that appointment. And yes, definitely stay keep swimming and staying in shape until you get back to running. You’re doing great! I ran some repeats this weekend with a friend and it was fun but hard.

  4. Being patient is the hardest thing!! I remember from being injured last year 😦 I had to drop from a full to a half and I also had to miss a TON of races. But, worth it to get all healed up ❤

  5. I’m so sorry you’re hurting and things are so up in the air.

    I had an injury and had to drop down twice this year – once from a 10K to a 5K and once from a half to a 5K (no 10K was offered). It sucked and I was horribly depressed about it, but it was the right call.

    Try to stay patient until after your PT appointment, and good luck!

  6. Oh yes, I have had to drop down the mileage…most of this summer, actually. I don’t know if you’ve seen much of my earlier posts (June and July), but I had the beginnings of Plantar Fasciitis in late May. And, I had a couple of half marathons in June and an ultra in July. I scaled back the mileage big time, and my weekend “long” runs never exceeded single digits LOL The PF calmed down, almost to the point of complete abandon, and all went well. It’s frustrating having to scale back when everyone else is forging ahead, but I just kept the end in sight and tried to not focus on the “current” frustrations as things were healing. Hang in there!

  7. You’re staying active which is great! You just need to let your body heal and then get back out there feeling strong. I would love to play soccer on some adult league but am scared that everyone will be way better than me and super competitive lol

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