August Mileage (& June/July)

HELLO SEPTEMBER…please be kind to me.

I’ve been slacking a lot on adding up and sharing my mileage the last few months. I felt like I was finally starting to move on from my hamstring injury from last year. I was dealing with SI joint problems since March, then we lost our dog and now my ankle. Therefore my mileage has been all over the place.

Training for Johnny Miles this past spring was great. I feel like I did 95% of what my training plan called for yet I had a horrible run/experience. The race event itself was great but after losing my dog two days before my half marathon…running was a distraction not a passion.

I took two weeks off running and started playing soccer again. When I finally got my head wrapped around a training plan for Maritime Race Weekend (Sept), I eased into training. Now, I’m just trying to be patient and waiting for a last minute appointment with my PT any day now…tic..toc..tic..toc.

I’m super tempted to just tape my ankle like I did last week and go for a 5k run. And because I didn’t share June or July totals, I figured I’d cover it all in one post.

June Totals:

*seconds away from finishing my 4th half marathon at Johnny Miles.

June Mileage

July Totals:

*family vacation in PEI – Brackley Beach (my fav).

Julys Mileage.jpg

August Totals:

*heart shaped rock at the beach yesterday

August Mileage.jpg

September Goals:

  1. Get my ankle better.
  2. Avoid new injuries.
  3. RUN.

Can you believe it’s SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure can’t. I’m enjoying this last week of vacation with my family and trying to be patient šŸ™‚

How was your August?Ā 

Any September goals to share?

What are you most looking forward to this fall?

11 thoughts on “August Mileage (& June/July)

  1. I hate to see summer go but there are some great things about fall. That crisp air, the trees, and apple cider and donuts. Fall is pretty special….I just hate that it is a hint of winter to come! Fingers crossed that September brings you lots of healthy runs!

  2. I can’t believe it’s September, honestly. It’s so odd how time has flown! To be honest September is usually lovely in the UK, but then once October and November hit it gets really miserable- there’s just a complete lack of sunlight, plus it rains a lot! I really hope you get your ankle better, it must absolutely suck to not be able to run. But you’re doing the right thing resting it- trust your PT and they’ll sort you out!

  3. I can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone, but I must admit I prefer running in the cold and drizzle.
    Your mileage is looking good, considering the injury! Take it easy on that ankle and I’m sure you’ll be back up again in no time. šŸ™‚

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