Maritime Race Weekend Training Week 10

Happy Labour Day! It’s not much of an update as you kinda need to run in order to write about training for a half marathon, right? I haven’t been running and down in the dumps about it. I am trying to look at the positives and but my activity level was almost non-existent this week.

Maritime Race Weekend is Sept 16th & 17th (two weeks away) and it’s a double race. Friday night is a lot of fun because most of the runners dress up like pirates! You’ve got full on pirates, pirates in boats and maybe even pirates with parrots. Saturday is a little more serious but you will still see the odd pirate running around.

Beside pirates, I’m looking forward to seeing some running friends from all over and will probably do some shopping this year. Since I’m pretty sure I won’t run the half, I’ll have at least an hour to kill until my friends (and hubby – YES, he’s running the HALF!!!!!!) finish. I figure I’ll stretch, eat some amazing food, take some photos (why not) and shop!

What I wore last year volunteering: Volunteer Recap 


Running in 2014 {5k & 10k}: 5k Race Recap & 10k Race Recap


pirates 2014 PR

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

  • Monday August 29th: Rest Day | Rest Day. 
  • Tuesday: Yoga | No Yoga. Back to school shopping in the city.
  • Wednesday: 8k | Nothing. Hit up the beach with my girls (vacation week).
  • Thursday:Speed Work | Nothing. Little hike with the girls and friends.
  • Friday: Rest Day | Rest Day (starting to get depressed I’m not running)
  • Saturday: 19k | Nope. Mowed the lawn, does that count as anything?
  • Sunday: Rest Day | 10k on the bike. I managed to squeeze in 10k after my husband got home late from work. I really just needed to get outside and active more then the walking the I’m doing so I was dressed and ready to go when he got home. The sun was starting to set, so I did a quick 4k out and back and then another 2k in our subdivision with lots of reflective gear on. It’s darker by 8:15/8:30 which kinda sucks! I may have (or not) finished my night with a glass of white wine….it’s liquid right…so it’s totally hydrating…. 😉


KM this week: 0 km running, 10km cycling – yah!

KM this training cycle: 132 km

Overall: I was started to get super down and maybe even a little depressed that I wasn’t running/didn’t get into PT last week. I’m just disappointed I’m not “supposed” to run and I’m feeling like I’m just going to bite the bullet this week, tape my ankle, ice/heat it as needed and do some PT exercises that I’ve done before. I’ll still plan to run something at MRW 5/10 or 5/5 and just enjoy it and have fun with it. And yes, I’ll sign up for the half next year or run the route this fall on my own when I’m able to run that distance.

Why am I waiting so long for a PT appointment? The place/person I go to is located at a University and with it being September, athletes are their priority. I have an appointment for Sept 21st and was advised by my PT to not run on it until he can see me. I’m on a cancellation list and waiting for THAT call!

Yes, I could totally go to any Physiotherapist at a different office but they don’t know my history. In the past I haven’t had as good progression with my injuries. My coverage is up as well, so it’s now out of pocket and I don’t want to waste the money on someone that doesn’t know my history – to me it just make sense. There is nothing wrong with their services but I personally just haven’t had luck and am willing to wait.

Do you repeat the same races every year? 

Why do you go back to races year after year?

Costumes or not costumes?

Note: I wasn’t asked to talk about Maritime Race Weekend or promote it, this is strictly me, being me and trying to stay positive about a race I enjoy.  


28 thoughts on “Maritime Race Weekend Training Week 10

  1. You know what I am going to say regarding your ankle–be careful, don’t be stupid–is it worth risking 6 weeks or even 6 months of recovery?
    The only race I’ve ever repeated is the upcoming Mag Mile, but I’ve never raced it, and I don’t know if I will consider this time to be “racing.” I just want to finish happy and healthy.

    • Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. I’m so on the fence about running but it was fine when I taped it up two weeks ago. I just got in two bike rides and my ankle feels looser, which is nice. Taking it one day at a time. Looking forward to hearing about your Mag Mile!

  2. Wow, that’s a long time to wait for an appointment, but I guess if it’s forcing you to rest your ankle it’s not a totally bad thing. Still, injuries are so frustrating. When I was racing a lot I repeated many races. I did the Honolulu Marathon five years in a row, and the LA Marathon about seven. These days I’ll repeat a few local races. I had a period of about 5 years where I was a volunteer coordinator for a local race director, so I skipped a bunch of racing. It kind of broke the habit of returning annually.

  3. I think you sound very positive given your unfortunate circumstances. Injuries suck, plain and simple. And the waiting game…wondering if it’ll feel better after some exercise, or if that will make things worse…as you wait for the appointment with someone who can (objectively) access your situation. We’ve all been there. Hugs to you as you wait this out. 😉

    • I’m really trying hard to stay positive…some days I’m not but I avoid blogging on those day, ha ha! I’ve gone for two bike rides and my ankle feels better (not 100%) but it’s more flexible and less painful so that’s a bonus.

    • Okay, so what distance would you drop to? 5 and 10k OR 5 and 5k ? Either way I’m taking it easy and just having fun.
      Yes, you need to come run this next year. Registration opens super early…basically within days of this years event finishing. They usually sell out come Spring.

      • I would probably stay with the same distances, or switch to the 5 & 10… but I don’t always make the best running/training decisions. Haha (We don’t always take our own good advice!)

        • I don’t think it’s smart for me to run the half since I haven’t done any running in 3 weeks (currently) and my last long run was 18k 4 weeks ago (it was so good too!). I’m thinking 5k/10k should be okay for me to do if I tape my ankle.
          I know, we sure don’t take our good advice! Thanks for your input.

  4. I do like repeating some races. I’ve done the emperors challenge 6 times now and I hope I can keep doing that one for as long as I can run.
    Yes to costumes if it’s that kind of race or fun run (and several others will be dressed up).
    Good luck with your PT and recovery. Hang in there!

  5. Fingers crossed that you are able to get in early. There are a few races I try to do every year and for various reasons. But I often try a race and decide I can do without repeating it. BTW, Rock would totally say that mowing is exercise. We just bought a house on 4 acres and cannot spring for a riding mower. It is a couple hour job and he gets in more steps doing that than when he goes for a 7 mile run!

    • Thanks, I’ve been crossing my fingers for two week snow…maybe this will be the week! YES…mowing the lawn was exercise, especially when I had to go in the ditch 10 times and pull the lawn mower out. My upper body was surely getting a good workout! Oh man, that’s a lot of lawn to mow…good for him!

  6. I’m so sorry you are waiting so long and that you are getting down about not being able to run. It’s awful to be sidelined. I totally get it. 😦

    I do like to repeat some races – I love a lot of the smaller local ones, and I will do those on repeat, since it’s usually just an hour or two out of my early morning. I go back if the bling is good, if friends are going, if I love the course, or the cause or the vibe.

    And I am all for costumes or cute outfits.

  7. I would wait it out too to see the right doc or therapist- I am sure it will be worth the wait! I have only run the same 5K more than once- not the big runs yet 🙂 I hope you have a great week and yes I love all the costumes- just not on me! LOL!

  8. Hope you are able to get back to running soon! I am a power walker not a runner, but I had PF pretty bad last year and so I started riding my bike instead (which I hadn’t done in years) and totally fell in love with cycling. Been doing it ever since!

  9. Those pirate outfits for your run were too cute! I don’t usually wear costumes unless it’s something like the Disney run or a costume run (i participated in a superhero 5k, and ran as Rainbow Brite in my first half marathon ever…) I think it’s fun if the costume doesn’t get in your way haha.
    As for your injury, that’s the worst… I’m currently having IT issues, so I feel you there. The guilt hits so hard! Don’t let it get you down, though – you’re still lapping so many other people by even being concerned about it. Soon you’ll be back in the swing of things!

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